42. The Devil Herself

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Alright, I have a huge favor to ask of you peoples.

My cousin is a songwriter and is entered in a contest. He's made it to round 2, the semi finals and in order to continue on, he needs votes. So, I'm going to ask all of you to please go and vote for him and his song.

I'll be posting the link in my bio and on my Instagram, so please please please go vote for him. You can vote once day every day until the round is over. If you don't vote, whatever that's your choice and if you only vote once that's your choice too, but I'd love to see him win, so I'm going to apologize now because I will be continuing to ask you guys every now and again. Not everyday, I promise. Cause I know that would just bee super annoying.

Sorry, but it would be awesome if he won. So . . . I'm not that sorry.

Anyway his name is Jonathan Olivares and the song is called Don't.

Also, the page takes a second to load all the contestants after you click the link, just a heads up.

And thank you in advance for anyone who actually goes and votes.

Now, on to the chapter, Enjoy!

Nicky's POV

The seat is horribly uncomfortable, but I don't make any move to get up. Never mind the fact that I haven't had any decent sleep in the past eight days or meals for that matter. There were only two things that would get me to the leave this horrible chair; restroom breaks and then when the doctors asked me to leave the room. Otherwise, my stubborn self was sitting in this chair and not leaving.

Damien had been in here with me for a while, cursing Ryder out and talking about what a complete idiot he is. He was also making mention to putting in a request for a new partner because Ryder was, and I quote, "going to give him a heart attack."

The only time he's left the room was to put in a call to the FBI, and Ryder's father had come immediately. Ryder's stepmother and mother showed up later. After that, Damien stayed out in the hallway, still nearby, but giving Ryder's family the opportunity to be with him.

They had been coming in and out of the hospital room and while I'm sure they are all wondering why I'm still sticking around, none of them have said anything and no one has tried to get me to leave.

So, here I sit, watching Ryder's pale face for any sign of him waking up. Listening to the beeping of the heart monitor and feeling immensely guilty. None of this would have happened if it weren't for me.

The surgery had gone well and they'd been able to stitch him up without any complications. Mostly that was because the bullet had gone straight through, so they didn't have to dig anything out of his chest. But he'd lost a lot of blood and it was still undetermined when he'd wake up. If he'd wake up.

Ryder's parents had gone out in the hallway to speak to the doctor but were now filing back in, so I decided to follow Damien example for the first time in the past few days.

I quietly got up and crept out of the room, leaving them alone with Ryder. I wanted to stay, but I knew his parents also wanted to be alone with him.

Besides, I was dead on my feet and in need of some coffee.

I nod to Damien as he leans against the wall across from Ryder's room and he nods back. I continue on down the hall in search of the nearest coffee station. Never mind that the coffee tasted horrible, I wanted-no-needed­ to stay awake. I'm not going to be caught sleeping if there's anything news involving Ryder.

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