41. Back From the Dead

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Nicky's POV

I watch in shock as she steps out of the shadows enough for me to see her. Enough for me to make out the blonde hair and brown eyes.


I almost feel like shouting in relief as I see her, and then backing away in a corner. Because the girl standing in front of Volkov may be my friend, but she doesn't look it right now.

She moves like a tiger waiting to pounce. Like a predator. Like the killer she is. The expression on her face is that of a hungry lion, waiting for a taste of blood. She looks deadlier than I've ever seen anyone look. And this side of her, while I knew it existed, I have never seen it before.

Volkov goes to shoot her again but before he gets the chance, she crosses the room and grabs hold of his wrist, twisting it until there's a sickening crack and the gun falls to the floor.

He strikes out with his fist and she backs up a step. He strikes out again and she brings her knee up into his stomach, causing him to double over.

She walks calmly and confidently around him, waiting for him to strike back again. It's like a game to her. And she's winning.

He charges her and she steps effortlessly out of the way, bringing her elbow back into his back as she does so.

He goes to hit her again and this time she simply moves her head to the side, catching his wrist before he can hit her.

I always knew she was deadly. Always knew she could fight, and yet, I've never seen her do it until now.

And I'm thinking Volkov has vastly underestimated her.

"Tell me, Volkov," She says calmly. "Did I break?" She questions. "Did I submit?" Her voice, though calm, is deadly.

Volkov tries to back away from her but can't because of her hold on his wrist.

"What's a matter, Volkov?" She asks, her voice deadly. She releases her hold on him when he tries to pull away again and he nearly falls over.

She holds out her arm as if to say, "here I am." She even spins around slowly for Volkov to see her clearly. So that there's no doubt that she's here.

"You should be excited," She tells him as she takes a step toward him. He immediately takes two back.

She smiles and this time, it's a frightening thing to witness.

"Come on," She taunts. "What are you waiting for? You get the chance to try and 'break' me like you wanted to." She uses her hands to make air quotes as she talks.

Volkov, for once, is speechless.

Sarah notices and smiles again. This time, it's the smile I'm used to seeing. The sweet and innocent-almost childlike-one. But there's something in her eyes that doesn't match the smile.

"You thought I died," She says. "Didn't you?" She takes another step toward him.

He nearly falls over trying to get away from her.

"You thought I succumbed to your pitiful attempts at torture." She shakes her head in a mocking way.

I notice Volkov reach slowly behind him. I watch as he pulls a knife from under his shirt. I go to shout out a warning to Sarah, but it's not needed.

Volkov strikes out with his good hand in an effort to stab her. She simply takes one step to the side, grabs hold of his hand and twists the knife from his grasp. She swings her leg out and knocks him off his feet.

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