Chapter 10: Our Break and a SURPIRSE!

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As soon as we got to the house we were greeted by my family's dog Ruben. He's adorable. He has one eye that is blue and the other is brown. We have had him forever so he is older.

"Hey buddy how are you?" I asked Ruben patting his head

"He is doing just fine. But he's getting older each day" Mom said coming into the room with dad behind her.

"Hey guys" I said running to my dad and hugging him. Brit running into my moms

"Hi mom" Brit says to my mom. She has always called her mom. It doesn't bother me. My mom doesn't care she loves her. She's like a extra mother figure to her.I am that way with Brit's mother as well. We switched and then my mom said remembering something

"Hey, you know how your dorm is not big enough for any pets. Well I was talking to my sister your principal and she said since you guys are doing so well in school your floor and they guys floor can move to apartments on campus. That way you guys can have anyone over and you guys can have pets. Would you like that?"

"Yes mom we would love it" We yelled hugging her as tight as we could

"I cant wait to pick out our pets and decorate. Also wait till we tell everyone they will be so excited" I said looking at Brit talking really fast.

"I know it will be so exciting" Brit said talking as fast as I was.

I was so excited for this. It will be so much fun. We will have so much fun. I cant wait. We then head to our rooms to unpack and tell everyone the good news. They were obviously all really happy. I think they were just happy they could have pets. Our dorm was great but still. For the rest of our break we hung out and just chilled. Me and Jax talked through out the break. All i learned was that he was playing video games and playing with his sister. He said that he some times wonders if she actually likes playing with dolls or just laughing at him playing with them.
I was excited to go back to school. Yes I loved my parents but I also loved my friends. As the break went on my mom found out about Jax because as the noisy person she is was looking over my shoulder when I was texting him. She hasn't left me alone. She also wont leave alone Brit because of Nick. The other thought it was hilarious when she bothered the other about it but when it was there turn they wanted to to stop when it started. My dad loved watching it after he got over the protective dad phase.

Also when we get back we get our apartments.

On Sunday we drove back. Well I did. I promised that Brit would never drive if I could. It's not that she the worst driver, she is but  I just like driving. I owned a 2018 black  Tacoma. It was my baby. I also have one other car but I left it at campus.

When we got back to Ruby Crest we went strait to the offices where we would get our keys. They had informed us that we would get them here.

When we walked in the least we could say it that we were impressed. It had 2 bedrooms. As kitchen to die for. A room where you could read or go for quite time. The living room was so big. It was as big as our dorm was. It also had a wonderful view of the stables and the campus. There was a huge place to park our cars. The girls had one building and the guys had the other. We could yell and talk to each other it was amazing.

"Ok now the important part the pets were going to have" I said Brit nodded her head and we started scouring the internet for dogs and other animals. I found this spotted Great Dane and he was adorable. I also found a Dalmatian Puppy. I decided that we must get those. Brit found a husky and a cat. We both decided to get 2 animals each. So if we find any that need desperate homes we can help them.

The next day we went to get them. I named the Dalmatian Luna and the Great Dane Nova. Brit named the husky Rey and the cat Mary. We also got all the necessities for them. Rey had a green collar, Luna had a royal blue collar and Nova had a Magenta collar. Mary had a cute princess collar. After all that we were so tired we went stair to bed. We came back 3 days earlier so we could do all this stuff and get caught up. The others came . Before I went to bed I texted Jax saying....

I will c u when u get back - Sugar

OK see u then- Jax

Also lol for the sugar thing- Jax

With that I went to bed with a smile on my face.

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