Chapter 11: Back to school

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The next  morning I woke up really refreshed. I was surprised to see Luna and Nova all curled up together at my feet. Instead of there beds I got them yesterday. When i got out of bed they woke from there slumber and i decide to feed them. After i was done i checked the time. It was 6:30 am. It was a perfect time for a morning ride. I went to wake Brit but she was already up and getting dressed in her breaches. We were both in wild colors because kris didn't care as long as we looked good for shows. 

We both had to stay warm so we had long sleeves or a jacket. It got kinda cold sometimes so we both have old jackets in our tack trunks if needed. Our tack trunks were so full we could barely close them even though we were both super organized. We had to be sense we had all that stuff.

We started our walk to the barn only stopping to get a tea for me and a coffee for Brit. I got a cinnamon and orange flavored tea(it sound like it wouldn't taste good but it does) and Brit  got a flavored coffee. We do this when we need energy or in the mornings. We were just talking about nothing. Like usual. She is crazy I sometimes think that I lose my sanity little by little when I'm around her. She is very goofy and I'm the same but only when I really trust you. It's really rare to see me weird around strangers. I guess I just don t like people I don't know but its me.

When we got there we went our separate ways to tack up our horses in just the morning light. When I got to Silvers stall there was a person petting her. 

"Hey what are you doing to my horse" I asked the mysterious person still walking towards her stall. 

"Calm down Sugar just saying hi before I tack up Jig's" The mysterious person said. I learned after he talked that it was Jax and gave him a hug. 

"What are doing back so early Jax" I asked still hugging him. 

"Well me and Nick got back early and decided to ride. What about you?" He asked hugging me back tightly.

"Me and Brit were going to do the same actually" as soon as i finished talking my phone buzzed when I pulled it out it said 

- Can nick join us on our ride?- Brit

-Sure, fine by me I will as Jax if he wants to come- Sage

-Okay sis- Brit

"Hey Jax....." I asked looking at him slowly.

"Yah Sugar" He asked with a scared look on his face.

"You want to join me, Brit, and Nick on our ride?" He looked not so scared upone hearing what I had to say.  

"I would love to join you guys madam" He said bowing. I just laughed at his antics. 

"Ok just go tack up and tell me when your done, Kay"

"Mkay fine by me." He said walking away to get his tack. I popped into Jigsaws stall to say hi. He looked freshly groomed. That's prolly why Jax left to get his tack. I went back to Silvers stall. I groomed her and tacked up. We walked out to meet the rest. Jax was the other one out and was tightening his girth. He looked over and waved. I started walking towards him.  When I was cut off by and bleach blond devil. She doesn't even ride why is she here. If you could guess who it was it was Mackenzie. She started to saunter up to Jax. She laid her perfectly manicured hands on his arm.

"Hey Jaxson where you headed off to when you could stay here with me?" She asked trying to be  cute. Her voice was like nails on a chalkboard. It was annoying. He was motion me to to help him. I obviously did because I could feel the jealousy coming in. I made my ways towards him and strode by his said.

"What do you want?" I asked with venom in my voice. 

"Well I was just wondering is Jaxson would come with me for some fun" She said with honesty in her voice

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