Chapter 3: New Guy

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I see this really hot guy walk in he had soft midnight black hair. His eyes were a forest gem green color and unmistakenly hot. He was fairly muscular. He walked up to the teacher and Mrs. Jason said to do introduce himself to the class and he said his name was Jaxson and he was transferring from West Hamilton High School. Then Mrs.Jason said he should sit next to me. When he did he asked my name and I said"Sage" 

"Hi Sage are an equestrian" he asked "Yes I am how did you know" I said slightly raising my right eye.

" Well saw your name on the lesson board"

"You ride and your on the advanced team" I say this because all the teams have a different board. 

 "Yeah I have a black Warmblood named Jigsaw"

 "Wow I'm excited to meet him that is if you allow me to"

"Of course you can I bet he would love it"

"Well we should start listening to the teacher" I said turning around. He just nodded his head.

"Today class we are going to be working with partners and don't ask me if we can choose partners Mackenzie." Mackenzie slowly lowers her hand. "Your partners are going to be the person sitting next to you and the topic is to photograph a thing that you both like. Or are passionate about. An example is maybe you both like swimming so you take a picture of our swimming pool. Get it" Mrs.Jason explained The whole class nodded and she said ok class ends in 2 minuets so start to pack up. While the class was packing up I turned to Jaxson and said

"So we are partners what do you want to do I was think since we both like horses we could do that"

"Ok we can meet up after our lesson and take the pictures" he responded

"Well sense we are going the same way want to walk to our lesson together and I can show the best spots on campus" 

"Ok works for me"

"Ok we can go to my favorite spot it is a small dinner called the 63 dinner the food it to die for or we can go to get a drink sense its so cold"

"Ok lets go there I need something hot"

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