Chapter 1: Ruby Crest Academy

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     I was walking down the hallway of Ruby Crest my high school

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     I was walking down the hallway of Ruby Crest my high school. I was dressed in dark blue breaches and a royal blue tank top going down the hallway to go to the school barn to see my dapple gray Morgan Silver. While i was picturing what exercises we were going to do I pulled my light brown hair with the tips dyed blue in to a hair tie to keep it out of my brown eyes when I ride. When i got to the barn i saw my best friend starting to tack up her Chestnut America quarter Horse Cinders.    

  "Hi Sash" Says Brit my best friend. She calls me that after our faviorte book series Canterwood Crest. Her and I find it funny that her and the character Brit have the same name.   Brit has long dirty blond hair with the tips dyed green and brown eyes and glasses as well as me but her frames are thicker because my mom believes I'm to hard on my glasses.      

"Hey Brit hows Cinders today?" I said     

"He's good just ready for our lesson today, also did you know we are getting a new student in school he rides and he likes photography so perfect for you" she said.   

  "Your already setting him up with me when you have only heard of him you haven't even met him" I said.      

"No I was just saying that you both like photography and riding horses " She said wiggling her eyebrows     

"Okkkkaaaayyyyy any way I'm going to check on my baby girl" I said walking to Silvers stall.      

"Hey Baby how are you today" I cooed    

 "Aww I'm fine thanks for asking" the other rider on the team and my other best friend came out. I had a feeling he always had a crush on Brit. His name is Nick. He has blond hair and brown eyes. He owns a bay mare called Cocoa. He's really nice I think they will make a good couple. If they finally get over the fear of rejection.    

  "Aww sorry I meant my baby girl Silver" I said while petting her face and rubbing her ears. It always calms her.     

 "Don't you have to tack up Cocoa like I have to do with Silver?" I said mentioning his mare.   

   "Yeah your right" He said while walking to the tack room. As he was walking he saw Brit walking our way she said hi and he walked away blushing but she didn't see him blushing.      "Hey Brit" I said when she got to me.  

   "Hey Sash don't you need your tack" She asked    

 "Yeah actually i was just heading there now" i said  

    "Ok have fun the lesson start in 30 mins" she said  

   "Ok" I said while walking to the tack room to grab my chevron royal blue saddle pad and my saddle. My bridal has a simple d-ring snaffle which I think works for Silver because I've never had problems with her fussing. Lastly my blue jumping boots. When I get out of the tack room i start humming because that also calms her and it keeps me busy. I look at my watch and see its 5:20 my lesson starts at 5:30. So I start heading out while I walk I met up with Brit. Cinders looks amazing in his lime green saddle pad and jumping boots.

     As we walk in we see our trainer Kris setting up Swedish oxers and a bunch of other stuff. As she keeps setting up we get on and start warming up. We did some circles and flying lead changes. We do this because Silver always have trouble on the right lead flying lead changes. But we nailed the one we just did.

..........After the lesson.........

     "Man that was gruesome" Brit exclaimed    

 "I agree it was a lot of work but now we get to go home and sleep" I said   

  "You have photography tomorrow so finally get to mean see the new kid"   

  "Brit it really doesn't matter"   

   "Ok whatever you say"   

    After a long hot shower back at our dorm we went to sleep for the first day of school tomorrow. 

{How's this for a chapter I already have a few written out but I don't know when I will post them}

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