Chapter 8: Memories

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After I went outside the shop in to the cool air I was glad that I had long sleeves on even if they were off shoulder. As I was walking I turned on the flashlight on my phone. Then I headed to my dorm. When I arrived I opened the door and looked around the hall it was decorated with back to school stuff. I remember when I first walked into this hall I was so scared and worried. I came from a small town in Missouri now I'm in this prestigious high school. It had so many more rules than my old school. When I walked in I followed the signs to the advisors room and I saw a lady with wavy bright red hair and green eyes. She had on a motorcycle jacket and a button up shirt underneath and black pants. She looked in her mid twenty's. I knocked on the wooden door and she looked up from her papers and motioned me to come in and asked

"Hey what can I do for you" she said happily

"Oh I'm new can you point me in the direction of 412 please."

"Oh you must be Sasha Silver. I'm Daisy"

"Yah that me I'm dorming with my best friend Brit."

"Ok she will probably be there later"

"Yah I expected that I'm always earlier because its just me" I said laughing slightly

"Ok all you have to do is go to the 4th floor and take a left and find your door number and use your key to get in then the room is yours to decorate with your room."

"Ok I will start without her cause we chatted over the summer to see what we wanted to do with our room."

"Ok good luck young frog"

"Thanks" I said chuckling

Ahh those were fun times. I will have to say hi to Daisy it been forever since we talked because we've both been busy. I used to talk to her so much and she helped me out so many time that I consider her as my older sister. She's so pretty that I'm surprised she doesn't have a boyfriend but anytime I asked her she said she didn't have time for a boyfriend and there so much work. I will have so much to tell her about Jax, Brit and Nick she was a secretly shipper like me. Silver and all of the drama in school. It's good to look back at the memories. But I soon arrived at Maddie's door. She lived alone because of Mackenzie. I knocked on her door and she opened the door with red puffy eyes and tear stains all down her face and the tears kept coming she said

"What do you want I'm busy"

"Doing what crying I see that but why"

"Why do you care"

"It's just who I am and I don't like to see people cry even if they aren't my friend everybody's feeling matter so will you tell me why your crying"

"Fine if you want to know i was crying because I just found out Landon was cheating on me with Mackenzie. My boyfriend is cheating on me with 'my best friend'" she said putting quote marks on best friend. After she finished talking she walked in to her dorm and fell on her white couch. I could see the mascara marks and tissues all over the place. I followed her in and closed the oak door behind me. As she was crying i took the chance to look around. She had a great styling sense. Her room was just like her. She was also very organized. But i saw a board with many pins in it on the wall. I had torn up picture but the title was called best friend and boo❤️. In all capital letter so i put together that they were picture off her and Mackenzie. I cant believe Landon would do that to her. They seemed really happy together I would see them together holding hands and hugging.

"Are you sure that's the full story?" I asked her

"I'm pretty sure. But i might be wrong. IDK I'm just so confused" She responded

"Ok I just have one question for you"

"What is it" She asked confused

"Do you love him?"

"Yes I do"

"Then you should talk to him and find out what really happened when you walked in on them. If you truly believe he is telling the truth decide from then. Then you confront Mackenzie"

"Ok i will try that thanks for their advise"

"My pleasure. ok what I really came here for is to ask you if you are going to join your floor and it will give you a chance to talk to Landon because i believe he is there. But if your not ready for that I can invite our floor here. I'm sure the other boys will be fine with it."

"Oh no its fine I think I can face him it will be better now than later"

"Ok if your ready to leave we can"

"Yah let me just change you can just sit and wait I wont be more than 5 minutes"

"Oh its ok I'm going to text Brit that I'm heading back" I said pulling out my phone

"Ok fine by me" she said walking into a door that was painted white.

-Hey Brit I'm about to head back to dinner what r u guys doing right now?- 

I texted Brit. She quickly responded saying that they were just sitting waiting for us to get back to decide what to eat. I was about to text her back when Maddie got back in a whole new outfit and the streaks were gone from her face and she was wearing natural makeup.

Maddie outfit:

"You ready" I asked her

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"You ready" I asked her

"Yah lets go" she said grabbing her phone of her desk that had school work neatly organized.

"Great lets go" I said walking out of her door. She soon followed me out the door and closed it after she was out locking it. Then we began walking back to Gregs.

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