Chapter 4

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So what's up guys, I'm back... sorry for the wait.. so here we go!

In this story Chōji's not chubby, he's actually pretty hot... the pic is up there. (And yes, I know who that is... just think of Chōji looking like that.. his hair is still the same colour though, and he's taller than Shika.) (ShikaChō)

Chapter Dedicated to: KodaUchihaSenpia45 for being here even before I released the book, thanks! 😆

3rd POV
"I like the new guy, ya know, Naruto?" Chouji mentioned to his best friend. "Huh? You have a crush on Naruto?" Shikamaru asked in surprise. "Nah, I said I like him, like the way he does things? Like he eats chips from lunch. I like his style."

"So that's it huh? Well, you could've said that in the first place, Chouji. Kiba might've hunted you down, and taking your body to the nurse's office would be such a drag." Shikamaru said with three different emotions at the time, concern, care and of course, laziness.

"Oh come on Shikamaru, it won't be that bad." Chouji replied with optimism. "I don't know shy your so enthusiastic about getting beat up, but you're being to troublesome." Shikamaru said with an even lazier tone than before. "Hm, maybe I should ask him where he gets his supply." Chouji almost drooled at the thought, Naruto always brought 4 bags of chips when they ate lunch.

"Is food what you always think about Chouji?!" Shikamaru snapped suddenly, but quickly regretted ever opening his mouth. "What? You know I think of other things too, like you." He mumbled the last part to himself. "What was that last part Chouji?" The pinapple hair styled raven asked.

"I said nothing Shikamaru." Chouji said, clearly trying to avoid the subject, but to his dismay, Shikamaru only inquired further. "Come on Chouji, just say it again." "Shikamaru, just drop it okay. Damn nerd." The best friends were exact opposites, an athlete and the smartest kid in school. The two met in middle school, a dark time for Shikamaru back then, but that's not my story to tell. [Oh sorry, yes it is, but that's a story for later, ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)]

"Are you sure it's nothing?" Shikamaru said moving closer to his best friend with a smirk. "Hm, maybe it was something, Shi-ka-ma-ru." Chouji said emphasising the syllables on his friends name.

"Well let's find out ourselves." Chouji's chapped lips brushed the shorter boy's smooth lips, his hands snaked it's way towards the nape of the Nara. It was a sweet and gentle kiss, a show of love towards the other.

The years of yearning for Shikamaru, that built up through their time spent together, finally released into a single passionate kiss without lusting. Their lips moved in synchronicity, this turned into a full on make out session of the two, neither caring of the likes of whom that saw their little scene.

But sadly all good things must come to an end. And karma's a bitch.

"Umm, sorry for interrupting your 'moment', but why exactly did you wanna meet up here?" Chouji and Shikamaru quickly pulled away from each other, and both quickly blushed.

"Uhh, it's about Naruto-kun." Shikamaru said regaining his composure. "What about him?" Ino asked back. "Well, he's been acting strange since we met him."

"Strange how exactly?" "Well for one he doesn't eat anything but chips and junk food." Shikamaru explained. "Well, I eat those stuff all the time, what's strange about that?" Chouji countered back.

"But there's another thing." "There is?!" "Troublesome, can you just let me finish my sentence, please?" The other two nod and let him continue his statement. "As I was saying, he spends too much time in the toilet, doesn't that seem odd to you?" Shikamaru asked the other two, who just nodded in response.

"Well, I did ask him about the junk food habit he had, but he just shrugged it off." Ino said knowingly.

"We need to find out what he's hiding."

Somewhere else....

"Listen here, Inuzuka, if you come near Uzumaki again, you're dead meat." Said a cruel and protective voice. "What's it to you, Uchiha?" Kiba countered back.

"That blond is mine." The 'Uchiha' answered with an angry glare directed to the brunette. "Got any proof 'bout that, you little Uchiha shit." Kiba said with a taunting smirk painted on his tanned face. "You gonna repeat that, Inuzuka?" Uchiha said with a menacing smile and his famous cold eyes. "Not to you fucker." Kiba laughed at his face with a triumphant smile, clearly knowing he had won.

"Why you little piece of~!" He was cut of by his best friend pulling him away, leaving the Inuzuka to smile there happily. "What the hell Suigetsu!" "Shut the fuck up, don't cause a scene! You don't want your brother to find out, do ya?" Suigetsu said knowingly. "Fine. Let's just get home already."

Somewhere Else Else

"Minato-san, can't you take a break once in a while?" Karin complained to her uncle, who was currently in the study, writing paperwork. "No, sorry Karin, but I have a lot of work to do, just keep an eye on Naruto for me." "Hai, just don't overwork yourself to death, Minato-san." Karin said and left her uncle to his business. Now she was worried for both her relatives. 'Can't I get a break?' She wondered to herself and roamed through their house's hallways.


"Naruto!" "Yeah?" The blond replied tiredly. "Dinner's almost ready." Karin answered. "Not hungry!" "That's it, you haven't eaten dinner since we got here! Get the fuck down here baka, or so help me I'll drag you down here myself!" She yelled angrily. "Ugh, fine, I'm coming."

"Great now eat the ramen I prepared for you, now." Karin said pointing at the bowl on the dining table. "Okay, mom." Naruto replied sassily, which just earned him a punch on the shoulder. In the end he just ate the ramen, just to remove it afterwards.

He instantly went to the bathroom after eating, earning shouts from his cousin. Then he made himself throw up. It wasn't' the first and it certainly wouldn't be the last time. He spent days like this, eating a lot, throwing up, over and over again. He thought he was fat, he knew no one would love him, nobody cared, hence the only solution to his problem.

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