Chapter 2

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A few months pass, me and Niall talked almost everyday... We got to know alot about eachother...

Sooner then I thought school started.... U told some of my close friends that i talk to Niall and they didn't believe me... I thought that was good because after really thinking about it, I didn't want to actually tell them anyway....

The concert took forever to get here, he said he was excited to see me in person, not though a webcam and a sheet if glass...

We got the best seats off all our friends, when they asked how we got them, I just said that we know people, and man they were jellouse, I wish everyone of my friends got as good seats as we did!

It was me, my sister, my mom, my brother, and even when my dad went! It was great! I screamed the whole time because I knew after this I was going to see Niall Horan, and not just as a crazy fan, but as a friend!:)

We finally got down to it... We got in line, it sure was a long line.... I looked around when suddenly I saw Louis walking down the line of people and then took a few steps back...


I was shocked, Amy raised her hand before I could even prosess what was going on!

" here yah loves are! come with me!" he said as we got out of line and followed him

" Niall has been dieing to meet you so we r going to play a prank....."

Amy was freaking out, I tried my hardest not be calm and not act like a fan girl, if Niall got that impression he would not talk to me ever again....

" what prank?" I asked calmly

" you guys are going to wait in our tour bus until we are done with everyone, everyone except Niall is in on this so we are goi to tell him you ended up not staying, we will all get in the bus and he will get to c u! Bam!"

He said, sound very excited

" um okay, we all are going to wait?" I asked

" who ever wants to meat us yah!" he said

We were all still walking to the bus trying to hide from Niall....

I looked at my family, all of them

" y'all wan to stay?" I asked

" yah!" they all said

" thanks Lou!" I said when we reached the tour bus and I gave him a huge hug!

" sure Sarah!"

"u know my name?" I said shocked!

" we all know u, Niall has told us all about u and showed us pictures of u!" he said with a smile

" awww!" I said kind of quitly

" okay, so here we are, just make your selves at home, we should be no longer then an hour and a half, can I have your phone number so I can text u when we r on our way here?" he asked

Sure I said and gave it to him

" we will be as fast as we can, I'll c u soon! Bye!"

He gave me a hug and left, once the door was closed I let out a huge scream and looked at my family, they were all smiling


When I got back to the table the boys looked at me

" sorry mate's bath room!" I said and sat down and continued signing girls posters and CDs and shirts, and faces....


The tour bus was a little messy but 5 teen boys live on the bus so I wasn't expecting it to be clean.... It smelt like boys, not the bad BO smell, but like there colone, there after shave, there shampoo, it was a clean smell of them, I love it, we all were looking around, both of our parents sat on the couches

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