Again, I'm so sorry for another late update. School started back for me on August 3rd and I've been really stressed out. Also, one bad thing keeps happening after the next, but I'll pull through. I really hope everyone enjoys this. I feel like this chapter gets really sweet at the end. :)

This chapter is dedicated to Monique_Huang16 because she's an amazing person. She's so nice!

So, here it is... CHAPTER TWENTY.


Chapter Twenty

Dedicated to Monique_Huang16

Wade’s POV

            There was a chilling silence after we listened to the message that was recorded on the answering machine. Cecilia’s bottom lip trembled and tears fell from her eyes. I pulled my sister into my chest and held her as she cried. An overwhelming feeling of rage overtook my body. I was shaking. Jason looked like he was going to pass out.

“How long have you been getting these calls?” I asked with gritted teeth.

“I don’t know… They just started a few days ago. I deleted some of them because they creeped me out but that man leaves them routinely,” Cecilia sobbed.

“What kinds of things does he say?” Jason spoke up.

“He, um, says that he misses seeing ‘Calie’. For some reason, he always addresses me by that name. He mentions the boys in my dream too…” She whispered the last part.

“Dreams?” Jason asked.

“They’re nothing,” Cecilia muttered.

“I know this may be asking a lot, but I need you to trust me. I can probably figure out who keeps leaving these messages if you can tell me what’s going on,” He said.

Cecilia looked into my eyes and I nodded at her. She sighed and began telling Jason about her dreams. His face looked painful as he had to go through the awful memories again. Jason forced himself to look at her as she was talking. I noticed that he was analyzing her as she talked. At that moment I realized how much alike the three of us really were. We easily gave in to people and talked about our problems. Jason and Cecilia had the same blonde colored hair while mine was dark brown. It just so happened that my father had brown hair and my mother had blonde.

I looked at Cecilia. It was so hard not to tell her right at that moment. I couldn’t even imagine what her reaction would be like when she found out that the man sitting across from her was actually her brother.

“And so the man just left after he killed those poor children’s parents…” Cecilia said.

I started listening at the end of their conversation.

“Does the man’s voice sound familiar to you?” Jason asked.

“Well, in a way it does. It sounds sort of morphed.”

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