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Here's Chapter Twenty-Six... :D


Chapter Twenty-Six

Niall’s POV

            I spun my wife in circles around the dance floor. It felt like we were the only two people in the entire room. The music seemed to fade out. The only sound I paid attention to was the sound of Ariella’s musical laugh. Everything about this day was enchanting. Being married was an indescribable feeling. I couldn’t tell you what it felt like, but I felt changed. I felt like the relationship between Ariella and I intensified. Our kiss at the altar felt like fire. I didn’t mean it in a bad way. It was so different from our other ones. It meant so much more.

            Now that I danced around the room with Ariella, I can say I’ve danced with an angel. I was the luckiest man in the world. She had me wrapped around her finger. I never could figure out why she could amaze me without any effort. She always did have that effect on me.

            My heart melted when she gave me a giant smile as I dipped her. I twirled her once again and the song came to an end. I pulled her into my arms.

            When I first met Ariella, I never expected our futures to end up like this. I thought there was no way she would even talk to me. She acted so hostile towards everyone when she first met us. When I look back, it’s crazy to think how much our lives changed. Ariella impacted my life, along with the lives of everyone else.

            “Can you believe it?” She spoke softly, interrupting my thoughts.

            “Believe what?” I asked.

            “We’re married,” Ariella giggled.

            “It’s quite astonishing.”

            “I love you so much,” She said.

            “I love you more,” I replied.

            “I doubt that.”

            “You’re crazy then,” I told her.

            Ariella rolled her eyes playfully at me and began to greet people as they walked toward us. Delilah pulled her into a hug. James hugged me.

            “How does it feel?” He asked.

            “Absolutely incredible,” I said.

            “It gets better and better every day,” James told me.

            “How can that be possible?” I asked.

            “You’ll understand as the years pass by. You two will have numerous fights. They’ll be bad. You will want to pull all of your hair out and you will scream at each other and swear you hate one another. In marriage, you’ll have the best times of your life and possibly the worst. I don’t mean to discourage you, but if you trust your relationship that much to get married, you have to be ready with everything that comes along with it. I know you and Ariella are ready, Niall. Thank you for inviting Delilah and I. We’re so glad to be here.”

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