Hello everyone! School has been stressing me out lately, but I haven't let that keep me from writing... Well, I really hope everyone enjoys this chapter. A lot of drama happens, but it ends on a sweet note. Also, since a lot of people have been asking a lot about Cecilia, I put her point of view in here! :)


Chapter Twenty-Three

Dedicated to 1DForever69

Cecilia’s POV

            Wade, Jason, and I sat on a couch together in the FBI headquarters as we watched a video. I squeezed my brother’s hand as it started. I saw a woman with blonde hair playing with three young children. Someone was filming, but their identity wasn’t uncovered yet. Soon, I saw the young mother wave someone over. The man had blonde hair as well. I saw Jason’s eyebrows furrow together. He placed his hand under his chin. All of a sudden, his eyes widened and he got up and paused the video. He looked at Wade and I with an intense gaze.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“He’s not our father. That man killed our parents,” He said as he pointed to the man in the video.

“Barnes!” Jason yelled.

A man in square shaped glasses and a nice button-up shirt came running in.


“Can you give me any information on the guy in the video?” Jason asked.

“I watched it over thoroughly and your mother calls him by name in the video. His name is Michael. I’m sure I can find out his identity though. Would you like to finish watching it or may I take it to analyze it some more with the other tech analyst?”

“Take it. We’re done,” Jason stated.

Barnes nodded and ejected the video. He grabbed it and ran out of the room to do further investigation.

“We have to go after this Michael guy,” Wade spoke up.

“I know. I just need a way to find him…” Jason said.

“What if he’s really dangerous? He did kill our parents after all…” I said.

“That’s just a risk we’ll have to take. Even though he did threaten our lives in the letter, I’m willing to take the risk,” Jason declared.

“What letter?” I asked.

“It was a letter that Michael left at the crime scene in Christopher’s house,” Wade told me.

I shivered. That image kept me awake at night. Every time I closed my eyes, the picture of him lying there in his own blood was always there. That wasn’t even the worst part… His eyes haunted me. They were glazed over and had a pleading look to them. I squeezed my eyes shut and took in a deep breath.

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