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Chapter Fourteen

Ariella’s POV


            Emory walked towards me slowly. I broke away from my three-way hug with Niall and Wade as I approached her. I sighed as she smiled sadly.

“Ariella, I’ve discussed it with the members of my team, and we’ve decided that it’s safe for you to live with Niall. You just have to take extreme caution,” Emory said.

“Are you kidding?” I asked.

Was this a joke?

“No. It did take a lot of convincing though. I knew how much you loved him, so I pulled some strings,” She said.

I pulled her into a tight hug and squeezed her. Tears fell down my face as she returned the hug.

“Thank you so much,” I told her.

“I’m going to miss you,” She said.

“Please keep in touch. It would absolutely kill Jason, Wade, and I if you just abandoned us…” Emory said.

“How is Jason?” I asked.

“He’s doing better. He’s still hanging in there,” She said.

“I’m thankful that he’s alive. And I will keep in touch with all of you…” I said.

“Well, no more Jamie… You’re Ariella again.”

Emory gave me one last hug.

As I turned around to go back to Niall and Wade, I realized that I would miss this place. How was Wade going to react to me leaving?

I sucked in a deep breath and faced him.

I smiled and he noticed something was wrong.

“You’re leaving, aren’t you?” He asked.

His voice was pained.

“Yeah,” I muttered.

“I had a great time protecting you,” Wade said.

“You did so much more than that. You put everything on the line for me. I still hope you can keep your job…” I said.

“I’m not fired. They decided against firing me, even though the decision was pretty close,” He said.

“That’s great!”

“Maybe this will be good for me. It should teach me not to get so attached to people… It’ll be good for me to move on,” Wade said.

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