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Here's Chapter Twenty-Eight! :D


Chapter Twenty-Eight

Ariella’s POV

            The bright sun peeking through the window woke me up in an unpleasant way. I groaned as I sat up and peered around. Niall wasn’t beside me. I put on his shirt that was in the floor and finished getting dressed. I walked slowly into the kitchen, carefully trying to avoid hitting things. I was so tired. When I entered the kitchen, I saw Niall scratching his head while he was reading the back of a box. He ran his hands through his hair in frustration.

            I came up behind him and wrapped my arms around him.

            “Hey wife,” He said as he turned around and kissed me.

            “Are you cooking?” I asked.

            “Well, I’m trying to. I don’t exactly know if I’m succeeding…” Niall said.


            I laughed and helped him out. When the food was done, Niall started jumping up and down in excitement. I chuckled and grabbed plates from the cabinets. We prepared our food together and sat down. It felt indescribable. We were married now.

            I dug in to my heavenly breakfast. I glanced to my left and noticed my cell phone placed on the edge of the table. I grabbed it. My eyes widened as I discovered that I had 56 text messages and 24 missed calls, almost all from Louis. I noticed I had one voicemail from a few days ago. I placed the phone to my ear to listen.

            The sound of someone breathing made me put down my fork and stop eating. The familiar voice of someone I missed so much rang through my ears.

            “Hey Ariella… It’s Wade.” He sounded so vulnerable.

            “I’m sorry for not coming to your wedding. My mind has been all over the place these past few weeks. I’m not even sure if I’m sane, really. I wake up every morning and I just feel so numb. I don’t know how to deal with it. It’s frightening… I’m scared, Ariella. I apologize. I’m just rambling and wasting your time… Anyways, something happened the day of your wedding; something that I never told you, yet something that you need to be aware of…

            “I apologize ahead of time, for keeping this from you. Many weeks ago, Jason and I took on a case for work. This guy, this murderer – he killed innocent people, and we had to take him down. Jason was all for the case and no one stopped him. We even got the guy’s brother to come with us to the apartment. We went in without knowing there was a bomb. No one was pronounced dead at the scene, but three weeks later…”

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