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Chapter Twenty-Five

Wade’s POV

            The cream color of the walls gave off a serene effect. I seemed small as I took in all of my surroundings in this large room. A taller boy wrapped his arm around my shoulders and then sat beside me, pulling me down to the floor with him.


“This is our new play room, Ethan! Isn’t it awesome?” The boy asked me.


“Yeah!” I said. I couldn’t stop the words from coming out. My voice sounded naïve and very high pitched.


A young girl with a mess of blonde hair waddled into the room. She held my hand. It felt so natural, like we weren’t meant to be separated.


“I love my toys,” She gleefully cheered.


“Calie, you can’t play with mine and Ethan’s action figures. You have Barbies!” The older boy sneered.


The little girl’s face twisted into a pitiful grimace. A trail of thick tears soon fell down her cheeks. She sniffed and I wrapped my chubby arms around her.


“Jason, don’t be mean to your sister!” A woman’s voice called from another room.


“Okay mommy!” Jason said.


“Sorry Calie… I guess you can play with me and Ethan,” Nine-year-old Jason said to his three year old sister.


The blonde girl’s whole attitude changed as her older brother embraced her. An overwhelming since of tranquility fell over me as I played with my brother and sister.


The scene disappeared from my vision and all of a sudden a huge weight was being pressed against my chest. I didn’t know what it was, but it made me have the urge to cry. It was like I felt hollow inside while something was beating my outside to make me collapse. I was drowning in the pain. I was gasping for air. Something was keeping me from being happy, but all around me was dark black. I couldn’t see anything anymore.

My eyelids opened. I took in a new scene. The walls were a plain white. They made me feel trapped. I said nothing as I analyzed my surroundings again. I knew I had just awakened from a dream. The familiar feeling of the weight still lingered. I noticed that there were tubes and IVs injected inside of my body. I made a small noise as I tried to pull one out. It hurt. All of a sudden, a burning pain occurred in my leg. I ground my teeth together and I squeezed my eyes shut tightly. It wouldn’t stop. Why wasn’t anyone here to help me? Where was everyone?

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