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Chapter Thirty-Two

Ariella’s POV

I remembered times when I misleadingly believed my mother acted her role. They weren’t that often considering she was always busy working or seeing men. There were several different men in my life before Steve; however none quite left a mark like he did. I suppose I was too young to entirely understand why my mother was always gone or why she always clung to alcohol for as long as I could remember. She didn’t bother to tell my biological father that I even existed until I almost ceased to exist at all. I would never understand why my mother did the things she did. Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t seek answers because her life fell to her addiction. She became her addiction.

Even though my mother never really did anything good for me, I still loved her nonetheless. I felt a need to try and take care of her despite her horrible actions. And it wasn’t always what she did do; it was more or less what she didn’t do. She didn’t protect me from my step father like a true mother should’ve. She didn’t look after me when I needed it. When I fell ill, she ignored me. While it was her fault that she wasn’t a good mother, I just knew it was in her nature. I forgave her long ago. It took her death for me to finally be able to forgive her and I still do regret letting her die thinking that I didn’t love her, because it wasn’t true. I did love her but she didn’t love me back. My own mother never loved me and I was the one who had to pay the price for that. I guess that’s why she never stood up to Steve for all those years.

Simple gestures from her – fake or not – was all I needed to feel satisfied. I didn’t realize at the time that mothers weren’t supposed to act that way. I thought it was natural to feel all alone because that was all that I knew. All I had ever known before I met five incredible boys was loneliness. And I accepted that.

I realized that I always accepted less than I deserved. My mindset was triggered to think a certain way and my perception of people was forever changed because of the love that I never received from my mother. I knew that was the reason it took me so long to open up to people, the boys especially. I always knew it but I chose to run from my problems because I was too weak to deal with them. I was scared of affection because I had never witnessed it before.

I could sit all day and point out the many flaws that my mom had in raising me. But I won’t. Instead I vowed to never be that type of parent to my child. In that moment I swore that I would never let my child feel unloved like I had to feel for seventeen years. I would never be like my mother. I wouldn’t allow myself to be so consumed with other things that I would forget about my own child. I knew what type of mother I would be. I knew that I would raise my family in love. Together Niall and I would teach our future children to always love others endlessly. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

When the rest of the boys found out, it was like a madhouse in Harry’s flat. Louis was talking about baby names – his choices being Louis or Louise, of course – and then telling us all about the classes he remembered his mom taking during her pregnancies with his younger sisters.

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