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Brothers best friend

Jaeden was 1 year older then y/n and he was her brother and he was always protective of y/n.

Finn would always go over to the liebrher household and hang out with jaeden.

Y/n would always come down and hang out with them sometime, she really liked Finn.

One night Finn was sleeping over cause his parents and brother were going out of town.

Jaeden headed off to bed at 1am.

Finn sat on the comfortable couch on his phone.

He decided to text y/n and see if she was awake.

Y/n ended up being awake and Finn asked her to come downstairs.

"Hey" y/n whispered as she sat next to finn on the couch.

"Hey" finn whispered back as he smiled at y/n.

Y/n turned a little pink but Finn didn't notice.

"Why can't you sleep?" Finn whispered.

"I'm not tired and there's stuff on my mind" y/n said back as she looked into Finns brown eyes.

"Oh" finn whispered louder.

Y/n felt her heart beat fast when Finn looked at her.

"Fuck it" finn said as he kissed y/n's lips.

They started making out and Y/n put her arms on Finns shoulders.

Finn stopped kissing her and took a deep breathe.

"You don't know how long I've wanted you to do that" y/n said as she smiled at Finn.

Finn smirked and leaned in again.

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