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Best friends

Finn and his brother nick started cleaning there house so a bunch of Finns friends could come over.

One of them was y/n who has been Finns crush for a while ever since they were 12.

They have been friends for a very long time.

Finn rushed downstairs when he heard his doorbell.

"Hey Wyatt, jack, and y/n come in" finn said causally.

They all walked in.

"Wanna watch a scary movie" Wyatt said.

Y/n shook her head no.

"Don't worry finnie boy will protect you" jack said as he smirked at finn.

Y/n's cheeks turned red.

They all sat on Finns couch and started watching the movie.

Jack and Wyatt watched the movie as Finn stared at y/n.

Y/n caught him and she smiled at him.

"What?" Y/n said as she giggled at finn.

Finn quickly grabbed her face and pecked her lips.

Finn quickly turned back to the movie and y/n smirked as Finn put his arm around her.

20 mins later

Jack and Wyatt left.

Finn wanted to walk y/n home since she lived a couple blocks away from him.

"Can I walk you home?" Finn said as he smiled.

Y/n nodded and they left Finns house and started walking.

Before y/n was about to say something finn cut her off.

"Sorry" finn said as he awkwardly looked at y/n.

"What are you sorry for?" Y/n said as she stopped in her tracks.

Finn stopped.

"Because I kissed you" finn said as he looked away and sighed.

Y/n laughed.

She turned finn around and kissed Finn as she put her arms around him.

He started kissing back.

He was finally happy that he knew how y/n felt.

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