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Finn started dating y/n 5 months ago and his best friend jack doesn't like y/n.

He always makes fun of her and Finn was finally getting tired of it.

"Oh yo and your girlfriend has no fucking ass and she has pimples everywhere" jack said as he laughed.

No one laughed.

"Yo that's not funny jack" Wyatt said.

"Yes it is she is obese and ugly" jack said again.

Just then Finn got up and punched jack square in the face.

"Yo what the fuck man!" Jack said as he got up and punched Finn back.

Finns nose started bleeding but he didn't care.

Soon enough his whole damn face was bloody.

"Jack get the fuck out of here" Sophia said pointing to the door.

"Ugh fuck all of you I was just playing" jack said as he slammed the door.

Finn ran to his car and drove over to y/n's house.

He rang the doorbell as he clenched his jaw as he touched his eye that got bruised.

Y/n opened the door and her eyes widened.

"Holy shit" y/n said as she grabbed his arm and took him inside.

She ran to her fridge and got an ice pack and water with a wash cloth.

"Sit down" y/n said.

Finn sat down on her counter.

Y/n gave him the ice pack and wiped his face off and kissed his forehead.

"Whoever did this to you is gonna pay" y/n said as she hugged Finn.

Finn kissed her.

"I'll be ok baby I love you" finn whispered into y/n's ear.

"I love you too" y/n whispered back as she smiled.

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