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Movie theatre

Finn and y/n decided they wanted to go to the movies to see dog days.

Y/n really wanted to see it with Finn but he was too nervous their would be fans there.

What finn didn't know was that y/n made sure that the theatre was completely empty so that her and Finn could have it to themselves.

Y/n grabbed some candy and saw Finn taking pictures with some fans.

"Alright guys I gotta go" finn said nervously.

Y/n laughed as she saw Finn run towards her.

Finn and y/n walked into the empty theatre.

"Holy shit why is it empty?" Finn said as his eyes widened.

"I wanted to enjoy a movie alone with my boyfriend" y/n said as she smiled at Finn.

Finn hugged y/n and kissed her lips.

"Now where do you wanna sit?" Y/n said as she walked through the empty rows.

"At the tippy top" finn said as he pointed to the top.

Y/n and Finn got comfortable and the movie started after like 70000 trailers played.

The movie was almost over and y/n's eyes were red and puffy cause she was crying.

Finn chuckled and placed his arms around y/n and she put her head on his shoulder as they continued watching the rest of the movie.


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