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The birthday

Y/n quickly covered her eyes as Sadie her best friend lead her into her surprise party.

"Open your eyes!" Sadie said.

"SUPRISE" a bunch of Y/n's friends screamed.

Y/n smiled as she hugged Sadie.

"I have one more surprise" Sadie said.

Y/n shook her head no and smiled.

Finn slowly walked through the crowd of people and held flowers.

"Did you really think I was gonna miss your birthday party?" Finn said.

Y/n ran into Finns arms and kissed his lips.

"I thought u had to work on your movie goldfinch??" Y/n said as tears fell down from her cheeks.

"I took a break I would never miss your birthday" finn said as he handed y/n the flowers.

Everyone screamed "KISS AGAIN!" Y/n smirked.

She grabbed Finns face and kissed his lips passionately as Finn put his hands around her waist.

"Best birthday ever!" Y/n said as she smiled.

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