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Finn sat on the park bench as he lit his cigarette and sighed as he looked up at the sky.

"Hey" y/n said, y/n was one of Finns best friends and she knew when he was upset.

Y/n took a sip of her beer and sat next to finn and looked at him.

What finn didn't know was that y/n was in love with him, she kept it from him for 1 year.

Finns eyes watered and he started crying.

Y/n wrapped her arms around him as he cried into her shoulder.

"Its iris, I cant do it anymore" finn cried.

"I know" y/n said as he rubbed his back.

Finn let go and looked at her.

Y/n wiped his tears and smiled at him.

"You'll get through this" y/n said.

"I love her" finn said.

Y/n's heart shattered.

She got up and grabbed her beer as she started running she didn't know where she was going.

Finns eyes widened.

Finn started running and following her.

Y/n was sitting on the dirty ground next to a tree as she drank her beer and cried.

Finn ran to her and looked at her.

"Y/n what's wrong tell me!" Finn said.

"I c..can't" y/n said.

"Why" finn said as his voice got higher and he looked upset.

"Because I know that what I feel for you, you will never feel the same" y/n said as she got up.

"What are you talking about?" Finn said as his eyebrows furrowed.

"I like you.. a lot" y/n said as she wiped her tears.

Finns eyes widened as he stared at her.

Y/n started walking away, but Finn grabbed her forcefully and kissed her.

"I think I like you too" Finn whispered as he smiled at y/n.

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