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Surprise puppy

y/n was in her room watching Netflix, finn left 2 months ago for his film dog days.

She really missed finn, she didn't expect to see him for about 2 more weeks.

The doorbell rang and y/n answered it. Her eyes widened as she saw Finn holding a puppy in his hands.

It was a golden retriever and it was tiny.

"What The heck" y/n said as her eyes got glossy as she picked up the little puppy.

"You can name him, I've already thought of Names" finn said as he smiled at y/n.

"I love you so much" y/n said as she put the puppy on the couch and kissed Finns lips softly.

She let go but Finn pulled her back into his arms, he looked at her. Y/n smirked.

"I gotta save my kisses for the puppy" y/n said.

Finn pouted and grabbed her waist and kissed her again.

Y/n kissed back.

"I missed you too much" y/n said.

Finn nodded.

"Me too" he whispered.

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