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Y/n looked at the positive pregnancy test and her smile on her face grew.

Y/n and Finn have a 4 year old boy named Tyler.

Finn couldn't be happier with his family, he loved his family more then anything.

Finn got home from work and walked upstairs to Tyler's room.

He was playing on his iPad

"Hey ty Where's momma?" Finn said as he picked up the toddler.

"Bafroom she sick" Tyler said with a frown.

Finns smile disappeared he put Tyler back on his bed and ran to his and y/n's room.

Finn saw y/n standing outside their bathroom hiding something behind her back.

Y/n smiled at Finn.

"What baby are you ok?" Finn said as his eyes widened.

"Finn.. I'm pregnant" y/n said as she squealed.

Finns mouth dropped.

He was so happy.

Y/n handed him the stick.

"You know I peed on that Finn" y/n said as she chuckled.

"I don't care.., holy shit I can't believe this" finn says as he smirked and dropped the stick.

He put his hand on y/n's stomach.

"Hey nice to meet you" finn whispered as he knelt down.

Y/n giggled as she played with Finns hair.

"I love you y/n" Finn said as he kissed her with passion.

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