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Greyhound bus

Y/n quickly sat in the uncomfortable bus chair and she took a sip of her water.

"Hey uh-" a boy said.

Y/n's eyes widened as a cute boy with freckles and curly hair smiled at her.

"Can I sit here" the boy said as he flashed a smile.

"Y..yeah sure" y/n said as she awkwardly grinned.

The boy sat down and took of his beanie.

"Oh yeah I'm finn" the boy said as he shook y/n's hand.

"Oh my names y/n" y/n said as her cheeks turned pink.

"Your really pretty just thought I should say that" Finn said as he smiled at her.

"Thank you so are you" y/n said as she smiled.

She then put her hand on her head.

"I meant to say- your cute" y/n said as she blushed.

Finn smiled.

"I rarely do this but uh- can I have your number" finn said as he awkwardly smiled at y/n.

"Yeah sure" y/n said as she tried not to freak out

Y/n typed in her number and put her name as

Greyhound girl :)

Finn took his phone and grinned.

"Let's take a selfie" finn said.

Y/n nodded.

They both smiled at Finns camera.

"Well it was nice meeting you y/n, I'll text you" finn said as he smiled and kissed her cheek.

Holy shiz.

Y/n thought as she litterally turned red.

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