Chapter 9; Moving

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Recap; The two sat their for a few hours talking until it started getting dark outside. Michael looked at his wrist watch. "It's 7:00, we should get back home and eat." He said. She smiled. They got into the car and went back to Michael's house. They went inside and went to the kitchen. Michael set the table. He put two large red candles up and lit them. He set place mats for Olivia and himself while she cooked. She made a lasagna dish with garlic bread on the side. They sat down and began eating. "I know it's late, but why don't you stay for movie? I can take you home." Michael said. "I'm sure my mom won't mind." She admitted. They finished up their dinner and cleaned the table. Olivia brought the dishes to the sink and immediately began washing them. "I have a confession, Olivia." Michael said. Olivia grew nervous. "I can't wait. My feelings are getting deeper. I want to be with you." Michael said while avoiding eye contact. . .

Olivia dropped the plate she was in the middle of washing. It chipped and she immediately began apologizing. "I'm so sorry, Michael. You caught me off guard." She admitted. He grabbed the plate from her. "It's okay, don't worry about the dishes.. there is glass in there now. I don't want you cutting yourself." He told her. She painted on an awkward smile, and quickly glanced at him then back away. "So? What do you feel, Liv?' He asked. "Well. I just don't understand how you can have feelings in such a short time to be honest, Michael." She admitted. "Come on, Liv. You have feelings too. I saw you get jealous about that waitress today." He said with a smirk. She immediately turned red. "What are you talking about?" She acted innocent. Michael chuckled. "Admit it Liv!" He said. "There's nothing to admit!" She sternly replied. He smiled. "You like me." He said.

"False." She replied

Still smiling, "yes you do." He said.

"No!" She said.

"Yes" he teased

"No" she yelled

"No" Michael said in attempt to try reverse psychology

"Yes!" She accidently said. She grew even more red now. "I told you " Michael laughed. "So what?" She said. "So, you want what I want." He said. "No Michael. Just because I happen to find you to be very cute and funny, and well dressed, and you also smell nice, and" she paused. "No!" She continued. Michael was now blushing. "What else do you think of me?" He asked. "I think you should take me home." She admitted. Michael grew serious. "No movie?" He asked. Olivia turned to walk away and grabbed her jacket when Michael grabbed her arm. She retracted back into his grip. His arms were wrapped around her waist and her eyes slowly met his. He leaned in to kiss her. She bit her lip. Just as he was about to plant his lips on hers, she slipped away from his grip. "Michael. Seriously. We can't be together. Honestly, I don't even think we can be friends anymore either." She said in regret. "Wh- what?" He asked. "I just can't do this. Okay? Take me home." She demanded. Michael frowned. He grabbed his jacket and keys. Olivia had already put her jacket on and made her way outside. Michael locked up his house and went to his car.
He started the car and turned on the heat. "Liv?" He said. "What?" She coldly responded. "I'm sorry if I was becoming to be too much. I'm also sorry that we can no longer be friends due to my behavior." He responded. It grew silent for a few minutes. Michael pulled out of his driveway and began making his way to Olivia's house. "You weren't all that innocent either, and I find it very insulting that you're putting most of this on me." He added after moments of silence. She scoffed. "Are you serious? YOU kissed me Michael. You admitted your feelings. I have some, yes, but I'd never tell you because it's inappropriate. Why did you do that? I loved being your friend, Michael." Olivia said, her voice cracking. A tear streamed down her face.
Michael had no words to say. He got embarrased. The rest of the car ride home was silent. When Michael pulled up to Olivia's house they exchanged no words. Michael waited for Olivia to get inside and then he pulled off. When Olivia got inside, the lights were all off. She knew her mom had already been in bed since it was almost midnight and she had work tomorrow. She locked the door and snuck upstairs to her room. Once she laid in her bed, she began to silently cry her eyes out. Eventually she grew tired and fell asleep.

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