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Super Dirty Michael Jackson Stories by JacksonFanatics
Super Dirty Michael Jackson Storiesby JacksonFanatics
All I gotta say is, THIS IS SOME FREAKY SHIT! So read the title, analyze the cover. If you can't handle that, LEAVE NOW! But, actually stay. ;D
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Michael Jackson fanfiction Awards 2019 by Raneera
Michael Jackson fanfiction Awards...by Vivian
The MJFA 2019
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Michael Jackson Imagines 2.0 by JacksonFanatics
Michael Jackson Imagines 2.0by JacksonFanatics
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Jackson | Book 1 by ShellBooks
Jackson | Book 1by ShellBooks
*COMPLETED* Miserable with the way her life was playing out, Michelle Jennings would do anything for a chance at a different reality. Being the daughter of a well-known...
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Waiting For You | Michael & Semaj by brandybeebomb
Waiting For You | Michael & Semajby B’ Messy 💜
When things get rough will you give up? Or will you fight? Things for Michael and Semaj have not always been smooth sailing, but somehow they make it work and make...
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⚠️ 18+ ⚠️ Infidelity {MICHAEL JACKSON X READER} by mtanofficial
⚠️ 18+ ⚠️ Infidelity {MICHAEL JACK...by M-TAN
This short story takes place in Michael's Bad Era, right after Michael had finished The Way You Make Me Feel music video with Tatiana. You are Michael's close friend in...
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Things Moonwalkers Say and Do by ShellBooks
Things Moonwalkers Say and Doby ShellBooks
If you're a real Moonwalker, you'll be able to relate.
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You're Not My Kind Of Girl by brandybeebomb
You're Not My Kind Of Girlby B’ Messy 💜
After the unfortunate events during the shooting of the 1984 pepsi commercial Michael befriends an unlikely girl in the hospital. And there starts the beginning of their...
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A Magical Moment[A Michael Jackson Fanfiction] by jedimasterlyss
A Magical Moment[A Michael Jackson...by Alyssa❤️
This story takes place during the second leg of Michael Jackson's Bad Tour (1988-1989) . Michael Jackson is touring in North America and goes to New York City in the beg...
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Something about you by Kasandra_J
Something about youby Kasandra Jackson
Michael and Caitlyn have been bestfriends for as long as they can remember. They did everything together. As they grew up, beginning in the teenage years, they developed...
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Teacher Crush by TheBriaJ
Teacher Crushby Bria J
Olivia, an 18 year old girl from New York City, is forced to move to Ohio when her mother, Rosie, gets a new job. It is January, the middle of the school year, and Olivi...
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Drvin' Me Crazy ( Michael Jackson Fanfiction by Moonwalker__zi
Drvin' Me Crazy ( Michael Jackson...by Moonwalker__zi
Christina Jenson is a 25 year old fashion designer with a hopeless crush on Michael Jackson. Let's see what life has in store for her...
Halfcrazy by brandybeebomb
Halfcrazyby B’ Messy 💜
There are two sides to every twisted story; theirs and the truth. And I'm the truth.
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Finding my Happiness  by mike_jackson98
Finding my Happiness by Joziah
22yr old Jazzy only had her grandmother left, when she passes, she tries her best to continue going but she completely lost the energy and the will, stuck in the lowest...
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The Arrangement (MJ FanFic) by SheMichaelJacksonBad
The Arrangement (MJ FanFic)by SheMichaelJacksonBad
Gia Romano is an Italian American girl who's life fell apart when she found out that a debt her father owed would involve her. Every hope, dream and excitement for her f...
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Pleasure Principle by brandybeebomb
Pleasure Principleby B’ Messy 💜
Michael's lust gets the best of him when he's brought in as an undercover cop to bring down New York's infamous drug lord, Machiavelli Taylor.
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You Are My Life by dangerousdreams58
You Are My Lifeby Dangerous.Dreams58
"If you would've told me at 13 that this would be my life, I would have never believed you..."
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Deserted ( A Michael Jackson FanFiction Story) by 100kitty
Deserted ( A Michael Jackson FanFi...by 100kitty
Copyright © 2016 by 100kitty All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, scanned or distributed in any printed or electronic form without permission in...
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Dear Michael by LotsofMJJLove
Dear Michaelby LotsofMJJLove
Michael Jackson receives a letter from a fan from across the country. Their letters are the bud that begins to blossom into a lifelong friendship. But what happens when...
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adopted by my idol (#wattys2015) by amyt3402
adopted by my idol (#wattys2015)by Amyt3402
After 3 years of being in care 7 year old Lucy gets adopted by her idol Michael Jackson, Life can't get any better until the horrible disasters that happens in life come...
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