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~KC Blares





KC’s P.O.V.


I clutched the bouquet of snow white roses close to my chest, my arm wound around Dan’s and tightening with every nerve-wracking step. Everyone’s eyes were on me as I walked down the path of rose petals, nearing the alter where Janna stood. A steady stream of sunlight snaked its way through the tree branches, giving the forest the feel of something from a fairytale. The flowers were already beginning to blossom on the trees and bushes, adding color and life to the woodland scenery. Dan and Amber had really gone out of their way to find the perfect spot.

            “You hold onto my arm any tighter and I swear you’re going to tear it right off,” Dan whispered humorously to me, a smirk playing his lips.

            “Sorry,” I replied under my breath as I hastily loosened my grip.

            “Don’t worry about it, Mrs. Falon,” he teased, his green eyes flashing with brotherly affection. I rolled my eyes as I covertly elbowed him in the ribs.

            “For another five good minutes I’m still KC Blarez,” I retorted, blowing a strand of hair that had come loose from the diamond studded barrette out of my face. He chuckled before falling quiet again, his arm gently supporting my own.

As I neared the archway where two trees leaned against each other, I caught sight of my mother sitting in the front row beside Ben. She dabbed at tears in her eyes as I walked past her. I knew she was thinking the same thing as I was; of only my dad was here to see this. I threw a reassuring smile back. As I glanced over the crowd, my heart stopped on a familiar face. There he was, standing towards the back with a half smile on his thin lips, his grey eyes grinning broadly at me; the way they always did. Tears of confusion, joy, and even fear welled up in my eyes, warping my vision. I blinked them back and looked up to find that he had vanished, like he was never there before. Thinking it was a trick of the mind, I turned my attention to Damon as Dan handed me off to him before he went to stand behind the Alpha. Not only was the beta escorting me down the aisle in my late father’s place, but he was also my mate’s best man.

            “The Luna Tala Pack is gathered here today to celebrate the mating of Luna Katie Caroline Blarez and Alpha Damon Gabriel Falon.” Janna began in her usual calm and careless tone. I shifted awkwardly in my black converse as I glanced up at Damon, unable to look away when our eyes met. His brown ones were bright with life and affection, completely the opposite than they were almost a year before. Janna went on, but I didn’t catch another word as I disappeared into Damon’s soft eyes, my knees feeling weak. The four months, twenty four days, and fourteen hours that Damon and I have been mated has been the best time of my life. It was almost as if he was making up for the four years of the miserable life he had given me back in middle school.

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