Cast of Heroes

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The Axis Squad:

Profile: In the wake of the release of the Silver toxin, the UN quickly put together a team to combat rogue infected teens causing havoc throughout the world. As "community service," the countries that once made up the Axis Forces in WWII sent several super powered teens to disarm infected threats through the world. As opposed to the heroes of Genesis Squad, Axis Squad is composed of soldiers, who focus on speed and attack.

Riku Tamahari- Bladesmen. As the son of a swordmaker in Japan, Riku saw his gift of vorpal sharpness manipulation slightly ironic, as he could now control the sharpness of anything he could touch, including his own body. His powers do not end there, as he was born with the ability to control dreams, dream on command, and even bring nearby people into dreams. While he was originally the leader of Axis Squad, made so due to him being by far the most heroic and noble of the group, he left, due to him wanting to be more than a soldier. However, he is still often grouped with Axis Squad, whether he likes it or not.

Cole Kohn- The Fire Bomb. As the heir to a German crime syndicate, Cole was always a thug at heart. The moment he was arrested for assault charges, he was thinking about how he would break out. When the entire prison was infected, Cole fought his way out. When he was eventually recaptured, he was the only survivor. As the second leader of Axis, Cole had to become less of a thug in order to make proper decisions. He did so, slightly. As a pyrokinetic, with the ability to explode and reform as well as fly, he is the most versatile member of Axis Squad. However, his pride and ego will often send him to fight threats he cannot possibly take alone. Luckily, he leads a strong squad.

Kira Sharino- Puppet Master. Little is known about the youngest member of Axis Squad. What is known about her is that she is somehow able to carry four human sized puppets with her at all time. With her puppet Arika, she can switch body types, turning from her smaller form to a much taller, quicker, and stronger form. Her other puppets, Ranto, Jaeger, and Blitzkrieg do most of the fighting for Kira. Kira is always calm and level headed, showing no signs of fear or distress in combat scenarios. Kira is also the closest thing to a girlfriend that Cole has, since the two share many interests and are equally brutal.

Leonardo de Florence- the Empath. As the son of a noble family, Leo spent years learning how to navigate the intricate web that is the upper class of society. Leo, however, got very good at it. So much so that when he gained his powers, his powers went directly to aiding his ability to deal with people. His abilities consist of being able to shift people's emotions, making enemies less violent or making allies less scared. Leo is the first to contact potential enemies, as he is the only one capable of peacefully defusing issues. Leo is also the least serious of the group, often making jokes as the group is traveling from place to place, to the great annoyance of Cole.

Lucia de Florence- Shadow Girl.

Marketh Free/Vlad the 13th- Vampire.

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