35| Manly Enough?

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35| Manly Enough?

Annie's body was shaking all over, she couldn't believe what her grandparents were telling her. What they were suggesting is so out of this world and unbelievable but if it worked, if they wee telling the Ruth and being real annie though she might just collapse right then and there.

They were offering to pay for Luke to go to the same eye surgeon that treated John, curing him of his blindness is his left eye. Annie was beyond sure that Luke's blindness was incurable, it was from a head accident surely it can't be fixed.

She was definitely up for trying though, of course if luke was willing to. She didn't even know what to say to him, if he'd even take the money from her grandparents.

Her grandparents had just left, leaving the more than generous check in Annie's hand to give to her beloved boyfriend. She nibbled on her bottom lip, wondering how on earth she was going to bring this up to luke. First, she needed to be with him.

Whilst Annie left multiple texts and calls on Luke's phone, he was busy arguing with his mum over his new tattoo. He was beginning her and the rest of his family not to tell him what it was, he didn't want to know, it was some stupid thing that he wanted to keep to himself.

His mother, on the other hand, was furious that he got one in the first place, and then letting Annie do it with him giving her any idea as to what he wanted. She was beyond enraged, how could her son be so immature? That's what she kept asking him anyway.

He could only manage so much of his mothers nagging, meaning her stormed upstairs in an irritated, teenage boy tantrum and collapsed on his bed. Searching for his hone, Siri kept reading out that he had messages and missed calls, which he now decided to answer.

After texting her back, Annie got to the Hemmings' household as fast as possible, going straight to Luke's room once Liz opened the door.

"I've got news," she smiled, sitting next to him on the bed with the heavy check in her hand.

"Are you pregnant?" He asked, crossing his legs as he sat opposite her.

"What? We haven't even had sex? No," she chuckled, biting her lip as she saw him smirking, laughing with the girl. "It's better, here, guess." She handed him the check, nibbling on her bottom lip as she waited.

"It's paper... babe I think you're forgetting something to be honest." He deadpanned, not in the happiest mood because of his mothers previous yelling.

"It's a check-" annie stared, watching as Luke started to sip is water, humming along and nodding to what she was saying probably not listening very much. "For $300,000." Lukes water did exactly what Annie predicted, spat right of his mouth and onto the bed.

"I'm sorry, what?" He asked, head reaching forward and he tried to listen more carefully to Annie. His fingers glided over the check, his mind racing with questions.

"My grandparents told me about this eye surgeon in Oklahoma, they said they called him and that he thinks he could help you get your sight back." Annie squealed, watching as Luke's naturally pale face went even paler. She was slightly worried he was going to have a heart attack.

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