Chapter 2; New Friends

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The time was 5:48 A.M. Olivia's alarm would go off at 6 A.M. She hadn't known why she woke up before her alarm, but she already regretted doing so. I didn't sleep good at all last night, she thought to herself. She decided to turn her alarm off and make her way downstairs. She brewed up a hot cup of coffee and grabbed a chocolate chip muffin to quickly eat. Once she finished consuming the small meal, she made her way back into her room to begin getting ready. She picked out a pair of black skinny jeans and a white t shirt. She also wore a black athletic Adidas sweat jacket and white and black Adidas sneakers. She tied her hair up into a high pony tail and even so, her hair reached the middle of her back. Once she finished getting dressed, she applied a smokey eye shadow with cat eye wings and a nude lipstick. When she looked back at the clock, the time read 6:17 A.M. She pulled out a pen and left a note for her mother who had not yet awoken. The note read:

Goodmorning mom! I hope you slept well. Unfortunately, I haven't therefore I decided to write you this note. Not only to wish you luck on your second day but to inform you that I will be walking to school today. I could use the fresh air, although it's a bit cold. I promise I dressed warm! I love you!

- Liv ♡

It took Olivia about 25 minutes to get to the school from where she lived. By the time she arrived it was 6:42 A.M. school didn't start until around 7:15. Students didn't really arrive until between 7:05 and 7:15. The main doors automatically unlocked, but not until 7 A.M. or with a teachers access card. This meant that Olivia was stuck outside of the main doors for at least 18 minutes. To kill time, Olivia pulled out her phone and began playing a game. Snow was on the ground, and it was very cold outside. She played on her phone for about 5 minutes due to a familiar voice interupting her. "Goodmorning" The voice spoke out. Olivia quickly turned around to see Mr. Jackson. Her face quickly went from paste white to cherry red. Mr. Jackson hadn't noticed due to Olivia having the majority of her skin covered to protect herself from the harsh weather. The only thing visible on Olivia at the moment was her eyes. "Oh! Olivia, I had no idea that was you! You look warm" Mr. Jackson joked. Olivia chuckled. She felt her heart beating out of her chest. She was sure that even he could hear it. "Well, I won't make you wait out here any longer. Come with me." He insisted as he scanned his card causing the door to unlock until he opened it. He opened the door and signaled for her to go inside, then he followed. Once the two walked in they both began removing their jackets, scarves and other winter items they had on. They made their way over to Mr. Jacksons class. "So, why did you arrive so early?" He asked. "I just wanted to walk, I love to walk. Everything about the outdoors is so calming and beautiful." Olivia responded. Mr. Jackson smirked. "I also enjoy nature. I wish more people saw how beautiful nature is and would quit ruining it." He replied. Olivia nodded in agreement. "I can see why you teach English." She teased.

"Oh yeah? Why's that?" He smirked while looking at her.

She chuckled, "you seem to have a lot of insight on the world. Well, the troubles of the world more seemingly."

"I just think it's important to care for the world we live in. Nothing wrong with that." He replied.

She smiled, "nothing at all. I actually agree. And hey, English has always been a favorite of mine. How long you been teaching anyway?"

"This is my second year. I'm still learning how to be better. Hearing information about my students interests, such as this, may actually help me with what to focus on." He admitted. She smiled. The two continued walking until Olivia finally reached her locker. Her locker was located next to her homeroom which, as previously stated, is next to Mr. Jackson's class. "I enjoyed this little conversation we had this morning, Olivia. Thank you for keeping me company." Mr. Jackson said while flashing her a friendly smile, followed by a wink. She smiled. With that. Mr. Jackson walked away to go to his class room. Oh my goodness, my heart is fluttering. What is this feeling I'm feeling? Olivia thought to herself. She hung her jacket on a prong inside the locker and stuffed her hat inside the pocket of her jacket. She hung her scarve on the other side of her locker on a seperate prong. She grabbed a black shoulder strap purse that she had put in her locker yesterday and put it on her shoulder. Inside the purse was a few pens and pencils, lip balm, and an eraser. She closed her locker after retrieving her purse and pulled out her phone. One new message from Mamabear♡, the phone read. She unlocked her phone and clicked the message. The message read:

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