Another Job, eh? || Clint X Reader (smut)

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He hummed and tighten his towel around his hips before going beside me, sitting next to me.

I was panicking with racing heart and red flustered face.

He took the file from my hand as i put both of my hand over my eyes as he flicks through the pages.

"A serial killer? Jeez, is it just me or this place is going downhill" he chuckled as i can feel my heart skips a beat.

I let out a little giggled catching his attention. He looked at me and smirk before holding onto my hand "oh c'mon, you never see a half naked man?" He joked as he brought my hand off of my eyes slowly as my eyes were nowhere to be found looking at his.

He rolled his eyes "your flustering so hard" he pinched my cheek softly "n-no, i'm not" earning a chuckled i turned more flustered.

He shook his head as his eyes slowly went back for the file scanning inside of it

"How many victims?" "About four.." there were silence as his fingered were up to his lips tapping it softly

"Alright then, i'll start the investigation tommorow.. i guess" He stood up as i flinch at the sudden movement "o-okay" i said grabbing the file as he was still proudly holding onto his hips looking at me.



"Look at me" he said sternly as i  slowly looked up to him, a smirk plastered on his lips.

My eyes scanning his bare body and gulped when he caught me looking and inches closer bending down to my ears as i trembles at the close distance between us.

"I know you want me" he whispered in my ears as i could feel myself broke down.

My minds blurry, flustered face, heating and dripping folds and trembling body!

Goddamit clint!

"Akshakaj i-i need to go" i said pushing him backward feeling his muscles tense beneath my touch. He chuckled at the embarassingly red my face can get as he ruffled my hair.

"Alright then, i'll tell ya if i need anythin" he said as i nodded and went passed him.

"Wait (y/n)!" Something snapped inside of clint as he clutches my wrist and my orbs met his oncemore "what?"

"Are you free tonight?" He asked "uhh.." i contemplated as i was a bit conflicted with hanging out with clint or actually.. do my second job "actually i have some work to d-- let me help you then!" He smiled as i gulped.

"N-no!" I said a bit embarassed, he looked a bit confused "--but we still can hang later after i finish my work, how's that?" I said as his smile grew.

"Alright, sounds great! I'll bring some (f/f) for you and maybe we could binge watch something on netflix" he said "thats sounds wonderful, clint" i said my expression soften and left the room.


I went out of the plane with a limp leg and aching body as Dr. Cho rushed beside me "(y/n), god you look like shit" she said as i groan "yeah, no shit. now help me".

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