Wrong game || Doctor Strange x Succubus!Reader (Smut)

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Dedicated to: [SarahCroft08]
[This might not be as great as yours but i tried ♡♡ hope you like it, hun ♡]

Warning: A lot of teasing, Female dominance stuff and well, demons being perverts

Words: 1940 words

♡ Enjoy the smut ♡


"Wong! I needed new learning material" he said entering the library starlting wong whose reading peacefully with beyonce in the background.

They had an awkward stare for a moment "beyonce?" Stephen said as wong grumbled standing up for his feet "shut up strange, why are you so eager to learn this late?" Wong said looking up at the clock, it was 11 pm.

"Well.." he trailed off, rubbing the back of his neck "i need some entertainment" he said looking up at wong.

Wong rolled his eyes and rummaged through the books and went for the more dusty part of the library, he dug his hand inside the books to pull out a fascinating book, it was a book about mythical creature and ancients spells.

"Here, i've never seen you take interest on animal but here.. just read this and go to your room" wong said handing him the book, his eyes examine the book. "Thanks wong" he said simply and went for his room.

He walker around the empty place and went for his room, he flicks through the pages and found the book, quite interesting.

"Hmm.." he hummed while taking up all the knowledge of mythicality and spells untill his eyes laid upon a creature.

The succubus..

He furrowed his eyesbrow and read all about the specimen.

He flips more of the half page of a journal about succubus and found.. a spell..

He smirked and stand up, he drew the symbol on the floor with chalk and burn the chalk, he cut his hand as it drop a drip of blood while muttering the spell beneath his breath.

The flame blared while stephen look at it with amaze. A low chuckled heard from inside the flame, he squint his eyes looking inside the burning flame.

The flame simmers down to revealed him a half demon woman, they called the succubus. Horns twirling beside her head, (h/l) (h/c) hair and the skin complex of a demon, greyish red.

Body not completely covered with only a thong and a string bras covering the skin.

The wing spreaded - dragon wings, and claw like a monster.

"Kneel down to me mortal, cause i, (y/n) the angel of lust is here to be in your service" your voice blares and widened your eyes looking at stephen

"Well.. well, another curious mortal~" you cooed and make your way to him.

"State your name mortal" you said wrapping your tail around him as it slithers around his lower region teasingly.

He tried to wiggled from your tail's grasp "i'm stephen strange, Dr. Stephen Strange" he said while straightening his pendant.

Your eyes shifted and looked at the pendant "Oh~ so you are the so well known supreme sorcerer" you smirk examining him, up and down.

He flinches as you touch him, tracing your claw. Your (e/c) orb gaze into his eyes "so, what can i do for you, supreme sorcerer?" You asked leaning against him.

His eyes scanned down and pushed you off of him a bit, you were taken by surprise and look at him quizzicaly

"I was curious and i'm only trying on spells,so.. thank you for coming here" he said his hand doing a shooing matter and turn his back, flipping the book oncemore.

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