Another Job, eh? || Clint X Reader (smut)

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Warning: hair pulling, a bit of soft sex, lewds

Words: 3912 words

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I walked inside the building with my dark navy suit wrapping around my body with files in my hand.

I got sooo many things to do..

Slicking my hair back, i groaned frustratedly feeling the sleepiness from the lack of sleep taking over me as i bumped into someone.

"Woah, sorry (y/n)! Didn't see ya there" i opened my squinted eyes to see clint "o-oh clint! Hey, and don't worry about it" i said backing up as he looked at me with a slight smirk and ruffled my hair giving out a little chuckle before passing me by.

I was frozen up, why can't i just act normal around clint!? Jesus!

I sighed and walked down the hallway and went for fury getting some of the missions file before handing them afterwards to several of the individual avengers.

"Is this all?" I asked him as his orbs bored into mine "yeah" he said simply.

Are you serious? Only five of 'em?? He usually gave me fifteen of them or something.

"Yes, i am deadass serious" fury said as i perked my head up meeting his gaze "a-alright, right on it sir" i said nodding and went for the doors.

I scrambled the file and looked at the files name, it's something about hostage stuff and.. ava is doing it! Yay, ghost wife. (This is either me or you saying this tbh)

"Alright avaa, i got a mission fer you" i chimed into her room to find her lying her body on the cubicle she have untill she heard my voice and looked at me with a slanted smile "oh hey" she said simply before going out of her little chamber for the files.

After talking about the mission with her, i made my way to the others room to talk about their missions. Bucky and wilson with illegal gun distributing, steve with child abductions, and natasha with mafias endangering some local places.

I groaned as i walked down the hallway and went for clint's place.

"Cliiinnttt~" i called out focusing my glance at the closed door.

No answer.

I turn the handle and went inside to see the empty room 'till i heard the faint running shower suddenly stopped. Shit..

I was panicking, do i hide? Do i like..?!?! The bathroom door went open as i tripped on a duffle bag and fell on top of his bed.


He went out of the shower, he noticed my presence "(y/n)? What are you doing here?!" He was at first calm then realized what's wrong with this situation clutching onto his towel as it hanging lowly on his hips

His v-line showing visible to my orbs. I shook my head and looked away "i-i have your mission right here!" I said as i was waving the file in front in the air as it catches his attention.

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