Helping Hands || Steve Rogers x Reader (smut)

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Warning: A bit of vanilla sex

Words: 2288 words

Oh boy, here comes ya boi with a smut.. Excuse my lack of english ♡ Enjoy!!

Request me some smut if you guys wanted more smut cause i would love to make you guys smut ♡♡


"You sure your alright?" Nat asked concerned as always. I smiled at her and giggled "yeah nat, i'm 25 not a child" she sighed.

"You should try starting to look for a guy or girl, (y/n). You can't always do this every month" she groan complaining in the process. "I'm used to it, don't worry about it nat" i said smiling reassuringly at the redheaded russian cinnamon bun.

She sighed in defeat "fine, i'll be with you after game night. Okay?" I nodded as she went up and out of my room.

Natasha knows this problem that i had since i was 20 years old.

A pleasuring kind of problem, or a needy kind of problem, i guess.

I shrugged and peered the door open as my eyes scanned around.

"Is it empty?" I asked myself "yes it is" someone said caughting me off guard as i flinched backward seeing vision went through my wall.

"Vision!" I exclaimed a bit "oh yes, uhh-- sorry but may i ask are you going to join us for game night?" He asked, his accent lingering ever so sexily (is that a word?)

I felt my clit throbbing against my panties itching for attention.

"Fuck" i muttered to myself as my face turns red.

"I beg your pardon?" He asked as i flinched knowing i'm pretty much in trouble.

"I--uhhh-- i-i'm not feeling well! Yeah.. cough" i faked a cough and looked away averting my orbs from vision's.

He was a bit confused but smiled anyway "alright then, if you'll excuse me, i'll be with the others then" he said "next time, use the door vision" i said as he went out.. through the door.

I plopped my body on my bed and trailed my hands around my body feeling it starting to crawl up on my body.

"Ahh~" i pinched my nipples feeling it got hard against my cold hand. Shivering feeling the touch.

"This is so weird" i muttered to myself breathing softly while groaning keeping the touches attached against my skin.

My eyes lingers around as it fell on my occupied laptop.

My mind went everywhere knowing the possibility and abruptly stood up.

Peeking through the doors as my eyes shifted around and went back "okay.. the coast is clear" i said to myself plopping myself to the bed oncemore and pull the laptop onto my bed.

I went for icognito browser and looked up porn hub.

I know its pretty weird if girls do it but, fuck it. I need this.

I propped my earbuds inside my ears and  started to choose a video.

The light moaning erupting from the girl on the video made you more aroused then ever and oh boy, it made your wetness pool on your panties

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