Tell me || Natasha romanoff x Criminal! Reader (Smut)

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Warning: Fingering, Steamy lesbos

Words: 1702 words


You feet fasten as you went zooming through the crowd with the falcon and black widow on your trail.

You growled holding the stolen bag closely to your chest, and went inside the alleway and hide behind a dumpster, panting heavily with sweat dripping down your face.

You heard the sound of heels echoed through the empty alleyway "i think we lost her" the redheaded girl, known as the infamous black widow said to a small badge and turn her heels back out of the alley.

Your eyes scanned the dark and empty alley before running towards a fence and went down off of it safely.

Running as fast as you could and suddenly you were tackled down by a bigger figure. You hissed as your body met the ground and dropped your bag.

"I'm sorry girlie, trust me, i never do this to a girl" a deep voice said as you looked up to see the falcon standing over your body.

He pulled you up and put a pair of handcuffs on your wrist. "I got her" he said to the badge.

"I didn't even do anything wrong" you said looking up at him "yeah sure, tell us about it later" he said smirking earning a low growl from you.

A few minutes passed at the black widow finally came on the scene with a smirk on her face, she went closer to you and traces her index finger on your jawline bringing your (e/c) orbs to met hers.

"You ain't that slick, aren't you?" She said mockingly as her eyes went up and down examining you closely. You looked away and just flicked your tounge annoyed, you could've gotten away with it.

They shoved you inside a car and drove you to the famous avenger tower to interogate you.

They are not going to make you spill shit

Your eyes fixtated at the black widow beside you as you examine her, taking up all of her feature.

You gotta admit that black widow could make you gay anytime and this is probably it.

She noticed your eyes and smirked "take a picture, it'll last longer" she teased. You blushed a pure red before scrambling your eyes, avoiding hers.

She let out a low laugh sending a shiver down your spine. Not gonna lie, its a bit arousing.

A few minutes in the car, you finally arrived at the tower and looked at it. You always dreamt off coming here.. as an avenger and not like this.

"Come on, sweetie. Get movin" sam said shoving you slightly to move "alright" you spat as you started making your way inside.


You arrived at the specific floor and was guided by the black widow to a room. You were left there with handcuffs cuffing your hand behind your back.

"I hate this" you muttered beneath your breath.

The door behind you creaked open as captain america entered the room, his cerulean orbs looking at you with an immense intensity.

Oh boy.. here we go..


I guided her to the interogation room and leave her alone there. She looked frustrated and of course, she didn't wanted to be here but she's a part of the hydra!

We couldn't let her just pass between the people without getting our attention "so.. who's gonna ask her questions?" I asked, tony, steve, bucky, clint, bruce, and wanda looked at each other before looking at steve.

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