Fangirls dream || Loki x Reader x Thor (smut)

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Warning: A lot of teasing, dominance stuff, and well yeah, just basic kinky shit ♡

Words: 3912 words

♡ Enjoy the smut ♡


The bell rings as it signed us to leave, everyone gather their stuff, ready to leave this rancid place

" The bell doesn't dismissed you but i do" Ms.Maxi said as a wave of groan filled the hallroom. Of course, one of them is yours.

They all went back and take a sit oncemore "before you guys go, i want to tell you guys about your assignment!" She said "i want you guys to have a presentation about mythology next week" she continued.

The word mythology directed you to two characters, loki and thor.

You melt when you imagine the two handsome god potrayed in my mind. You sighed "okay, that is all, now leave" she said as all the people scatter through the hallroom.

You grabbed your bag and went out. You looked at your watch to see it was 5:00 pm, jeez.

The thought of rewatching thor:ragnarok again filled you with excitement as you happily went for home.

Your college isn't that far away from your apartment and you gladly bought some snacks and drinks to rewatch all the thor movies.

You walked on the concrete floor as your hand clutched onto the paper bag filled with food and drinks.

The sideroad wasn't so crowded as something shiny catches your eyes.

You batted your eye and look at it as you crouched down. It was a little purple transluscent crystal, beaming its purple aura.

You picked it up "neato!" You said to yourself and put it inside your pocket and went your way to your apartment.


You arrived at your apartment and unlocked the doors with your  other hand holding up the paper bag.

You went in and settle the paper bag on the counter and grab some doritos from it and a bottle of whiskey.

What? Your 20, Not 16

Walking down the hallway to your bedroom,and settled your shoes in front of your room before going inside.

You put the dorito and bottle of whiskey beside your computer and put your jacket on your coat hanger, pulled your shirt over your body as it leaves you bare with only your bra.

Of course, the bras need 'ta go and flicked the bras somewhere in the room and put on a loose tank top with some black loose sweatpants hanging from your waist.

Your eyes focused to your computer as you typed away on your netflix, and started the movie.

Your attention averted to the bag of dorito and open it. Grabbing a bunch of the chips and shoving it inside your mouth.

It was a really nice evening with only doritos and whiskey untill something started to bugged the living shit outta you.

A sound,  very high pitched irritating sound as you averted your attention to your jacket.

Your furrowed your eyebrows and rummage to find the crystal. You examine it and got your old necklace.

The golden necklace have a small locket on it. It was empty so you just put the crystal inside and wear the necklace.

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