Found the One || Steve Rogers x Artist!Reader

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REQUESTED BY:[ GracefulRogers]

Warning: fluff, sweet stuff

Words: 3255 words

I'm sorry i got the idea a bit twisted :') it was a long thinking process for an intelectual like me


"I need to finish this today!!" I whispered to myself and pursed my lips.

My shoes grazing against the concrete street as it felt like forever as my feet quicken it pace.

I turned at a corner and tripped on leg as i bumped into someone.

Oh wow! What a luck i'm having today!?

I groaned and looked up slowly, looking at the scattered baby blue paint all over the street.

"I'm so sorry mr-- captain america!" I looked at him surprised at the sudden miracle standing in front of me.

"You alright, lady?" He asked as he extend his arm out for me to grab as i looked at his arm in disbelief


I quickly grab it as he pulled me up to my feet "uhh y-yeah, i'm alright"

I scanned my eyes to see his shirt was splattered by the blue paint

My face turned flustered as i was panicking" oh no! The paint got onto your clothes" i pursed my lips.

I hurriedly got my supplies and the all that is left on the can of bucket

"Oh thats alright, i was looking rather boring without any colour" he chuckled as i realized he was wearing a white shirt looking rather boring.

"I-i can fix you up if you want--oh it's ok--n-no, i insist! Please, my apartment is down the road" i tried to bargain with the cap as he sighed in defeat and nodded.

We walked down the street as i was clutching onto my can of paint.

Did i just really invited captain america to my house??? Steve rogers?? The greatest hero that ever served in WW2???

"Soo.. whats your name, lady?" Steve asked, catching me in the middle of my thoughts "uhh... i-it's (y/n), (y/n) (L/n)" i said as they smiled.

"You've probably already know about me" "actually yeah" i said "why wouldn't i know about the great captain america?" I asked and giggled abit as a soft chuckle came from him.

"Please, call me steve" he said walking beside me while smiling gleefuly. I nodded actually exploding on the inside.

As if he was glowing.. is he an angel??

We reached my apartment and i got it unlocked, inviting him in to settle down at the couch.

His eyes scanned around taking up the interior of my house "this is cool" steve mutter as his eyes were full of amazement.

"Thank you" i said bringing him a cup of tea.The smell of jasmine lingering on the tea.

"Make yourself at home, i'll be right back with some clothes" i said as he nodded and scattered to my room, rummaging through my closet.

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