Stay || Tony Stark x Reader

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Warning: Angst, Sad shit, Idk y'all have to find out

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I lay my head on the couch, looking at my ceiling "its soo boring" i said to myself and close my eyes for a few second.

The silent was broken by my phone ringing furiously. I groaned and picked it up, its bruce!

"Hey bruce, what's up?" I asked "hey, uhh-- (y/n) can you come here and get some files for tony here in my lab?" He asked "why can't you just give it to him? You lived in the same building" i said

"Uhh-- gotta go, just come by my lab and get them" he said and ended the call. I groaned in annoyance and get up, my feet hanging from the side of my couch.

I walked up to my closet grabbing some decent shirt and a pair of pants, with a little parka on.

My eyes scanned around and looked at the clock.

It was 12 am...

I sighed and grabbed my stuff and went for the tower.


I parked my car and went inside the building, it was dark and half empty. I see some people working overtime.

Walking around the hallway and to the elevator, my heels made a little sound as it clampse with the floor.

I went up to the 58th floor and looked around.

It was empty, no one was there.

I make my way to bruce's lab and found the folder on his table "got it" i said to myself and went for the elevator to the top penthouse, where tony would be staying this late.

Humming a sweet tune, my eyes examined the folder, i looked inside to see a bunch of statistic, equation, and numbers.

Thank god, im an assasin and not a scientist.

The elevator dings as it reaches my destination.

"Tony?" I asked " Welcome ms.(y/n), mr.stark is not here right now but how can i help you?" Jarvis greeted and asked.

"Oh hey jarvis, where is tony anyway?" I asked "he is on a bussiness party with the newest bussiness client of his"

"How long had he been gone?" " about 2 hours"

I hummed and walked around, putting the files on his messy table covered with blue prints. I pulled over my parka and put it on the couch.

"God, what a party animal" "If you want, you can wait here because mr.stark is on his way home" jarvis said "that doesnt sound bad so yeah, why not?"

I sat on the couch and looked out to the beautiful midnight scenery.

The busy street became more quieter and the light began to dimmed down.

I sighed.

Leaning back to the couch cushion, i closed my eyes. The darkness surrounded me, its very theraputic.

The sound of the distant busy street and the soft whirling of helicopter was a bliss to my ears.

"Mr.stark have arrived" jarvis stated, breaking my little train of thought "thank you jarvis" i said and waited for the elevator to go--

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