No damsel in distress || 1940's! Bucky Barnes x Reader

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Warning: A tad bit of violence, and cringy cheesy stuff, ig

Words: 1890 words


"(Y/n), you should try signing up for the military and maybe you could be like me" peggy said excitedly knowing what i was capable off.

"I don't know peggy, i don't think you'll like it if i steal your light " i teased as she gasped and playfully punched my shoulder.

We laughed.

"Atleast you could always go there and have a look around you know" she said, i shrugged "maybe, if i am even allowed in there"


"Come on soldier, ...1...2..3...4!" The voice blares as i knitted my eyebrow together, i can't believe peggy bribe the lieutenant to let me in.

I groaned as i walked around in my heels against the ground, so many soldier sweating and working their butts off to be ready.

"Attention! Today we are going to start with a new agility test" peggy voice blared as she started instructing a bunch of people around.

Agent peggy carter, so glad that i have a really cool best friend like her.

My eyes scanned the field oncemore as a guy catches my attention, his bulging biceps, his broad shoulder and strong arms.

"Well, what do we have here~" i cooed as i examine him. He noticed and smirked "like what you see, doll~?" He asked winking at my direction.

"No, not really" i smirked and went closer to him "i'm sergeant james buchanan barnes also known as bucky ,and how about you? what's your name, pretty lady?" He smiled cheekily.

"(Full name), or (y/n). Nice to meet you sergeant" i smiled and extend my hand for a shake but instead he takes it and kissed it, looking up smirking, i rolled me eyes . He opened his mouth to say something before a voice blared calling out to him.

"Duty calls, don't want to missed it but i guess see you later?" He asked "if you can find me than yes, see you later" i winked at him as i left him speechless.

He looked down to his feet and smiled before jogging out of sight.

I walked to peggy and whispered in her ears "lets go home, this is not my place peggy" i whined.

"It is, you just dont want to be here"she said and giggled "that is very correct" i said approving her statement.

"We'll go home maybe after a few more hours if you'll go to the stark expo with me" peggy said as i groan "ugh come on peggy, you know how much i hated that guy" i looked away.

"I know but come on! It'll be fun" she reassured "fine.. as long as you buy me some food there,and im in" i said, she laughs and nodded.

Peggy got back to her soldiers and i went back to my sight-seeing, looking at soldiers or boys was never my kind of thing.

My eyes fall upon a little barrel and take a sit on it. My eyes scanning the horizon while some of the man went by whistling, i rolled my eyes and looked away.

This is why i hate being a woman, they think i liked being cat-called, pigs.

I groan and suddenly felt the barrel shaken a bit, startling me as i almost slipped off until a soft grip hold onto my hips holding me steady "woah there, sorry about that" a familiar voice said, i turned around to see james.

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