Chapter 4

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Sean's POV

"Do you like me?" Kaycee's words echoed.

"No..?"I laughed and looked at her weirdly. "Why would you ask that?"

"Because Chloe said that you were looking at me the whole ride back yesterday..." She said as she sat on my bed.

You screwed yourself Sean, great.

"Well, you had something on your face." I shook my head, disagreeing with her.

"Sean." She laughed.

"What?" I sat up in my office chair.

"I know when you're lying, and when you're not.." she looked at me dead in the eye. "Do you like me or not?"

The words made my heart drop farther down, almost into my stomach. The question made me sick, but I had to lie.

"No, I made a promise, Kaycee." I looked at her, and she nodded.

"Yeah, I like Gabe a lot, Sean. I don't want to hurt you, okay?" She said as she stood. "Are you coming down with me?"

"Uh, no I'm gonna work on some stuff." I mumbled and she nodded. Kaycee left silently.

God Sean, you're fucking stupid!

I, Sean Lew, had completely ruined myself. That was my chance, and I lost it.

I opened my laptop, and started to go through random photos and videos in one of the folders I had. I ended up pulling up a video of Kaycee dancing when she was younger. She was amazing.

I laughed at how young she looked and I moved along through the photos. As I finished up, I shut my laptop and listened to what was going on downstairs, everyone was laughing and shouting. I decided it was time to regroup and with all my friends and they all looked at me.

"There heee isssss." Julian said and everyone began clapping.

"Oh my god, please stop." I looked at him, my face kind exhausted by the emotional stress. I walked past them, immediately regretting my decision to come downstairs. Julian had followed behind me outside into my backyard, shutting the door.

"I feel like I know what's wrong."

"Yeah, cause you are the only one that knows." I shut my eyes, and sat down slowly.

"She likes Gabe, doesn't she?" He sat down and put his arm around me.

"Yeah, and there is nothing to do about it. She's happy, and I don't want to ruin that, alright?" I told him, shrugging his arm off me.

"Sean, I think Will wouldn't have paired the both of you together if you guys weren't in love."

"She doesn't like me, and I don't like her. We settled that." My voice rose slightly, and I closed my eyes. "Sorry."

"You're okay, Sean I get it." Julian replied, smiling apologetically. "I'm going inside, now. Come in whenever."

"Tell them they can eat." I told him and he nodded.

"Yes, sir." Julian grinned and saluted, and I couldn't help but laugh at him.

And I had sat there for, what almost felt like an hour and evidently, Kaycee came outside and handed me a plate as she sat beside me.

"Why haven't you been hanging out with us?" She said, she seemed to be concerned. And I didn't want her to worry.

"I was working on a lot of stuff, and thinking about our dance a lot."I replied, before beginning to eat my food.

"But, you seem down too." She frowned and looked at her feet.

"I'm fine Kaycee, really." I smiled, and I nudged her with my elbow. " I can promise you that."

"The man of the year is here!" I heard a familiar voice yell and everybody cheered. Gabe was here.

Kaycee had turned her head and immediately got up to run inside and hug him.

"Hiiii." Gabe grinned at her and looked at me. "Hey, Sean. Thanks for inviting me."

"Yeah, no problem." I replied, my voice almost gone by the sickness I was feeling. Julian and I had made eye contact, and he frowned at me.

I wanted her to be happy, and although I was feeling pain by the two of them, it was best for me.

"Hey, let's play truth or dare!" Josh had yelled and everybody agreed. Everyone circled around, and I had sat outside of the circle. I had sit behind Josh, perfect in the view of Gabe and Kaycee, whom were sitting next to each other.

And the game kept going , Tahani had to jump into my pool, Josh had to run down the street in his boxers, and Julian had told us that he had kissed Chloe. Everyone had gone, except Kaycee.

"Truth or dare, Kaycee?" Josh had said.

"Uhhh." She laughed. "I will be risky, and attempt a dare."

"Okay, let's see...." He had thought to himself and he smiled. "I dare you to kiss Gabe." He said quickly and I closed my eyes and got up. Gabe had put his hands on her neck and pressed his lips against hers. The rest of them screamed and cheered, while I ran out of my own house to go somewhere quiet.

My heart was racing and I placed a hand on my chest. I sobbed quietly and leaned against a tree.

Julian's POV

As I watched Gabe and Kaycee kiss, I felt terrible. Almost sick in my stomach. I couldn't take it, and I heard the front door shut. And I got up and ran.

Sean, Jesus Christ.

I ran and I followed the quiet cries and I immediately saw him. I ran back to the house and shut the door.

"Hey, where's Sean?" Kaycee asked me, raising a brow.

"I think he went to go get some food, but he said for everybody to leave now." I said.

"Oh, okay." She grinned.

She was clueless of Sean's emotions. And I couldn't believe it. As everyone called to leave, they left one by one, except Kaycee and Gabe.

"Ah, my mom and dad are not picking up the phone." Kaycee groaned.

"I could-."

"I'll give you a ride Kaycee." I had cut Gabe off and Kaycee looked at the both of us.

"I could, I live closer." Gabe offered to me, and Kaycee looked at me weirdly.

"Yeah, Gabe you could drop me off, if that's okay with you Julian?"

"No, that's perfectly fine." I felt the pain through the words as I felt like I was betraying Sean.

They both nodded and Gabe had put his arm around her as if they were a couple. They left and got into Gabe's car and drove away. I walked outside to see Sean crying, his face red and he could barely walk.

"Sean!" I yelled as a car had come speeding.

He had looked at me, and I ran for his life.

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