Chapter 8

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Sean's POV

"You're not gonna tell Kaycee about me and Tati right..?" Gabe had said and I turned to him.

"What about you and Tati?" I turned to him.

"Listen I-." Gabe put his hands in his pocket, looking forward. "Is Kaycee nice?" He asked. You're supposed to know this Gabe, what are you trying to say to me?....

"Yes. But, she has- three different smiles." I told him, and he nodded.
"One when she's faking to win when she's laughing at a joke...and one that's genuine, when she's happy." I said to him, and he swallowed the dryness in his throat.

"I like Tatiana." Gabe whispered, immediately regretting. The blood in me was boiling.

"What?" I said laughing and turning my head to him.

"I like Tati, I regret asking Kaycee out, and I don't want to hurt her feelings."Gabe had said, but I didn't buy it.

"Why would you do that?" I had yelled angrily, and Gabe turned to me.

"Because I thought I liked her." He muttered and I shoved him. "Please don't tell her, I don't want her to get hurt.."

"You didn't ask yourself if you loved her!?" I grabbed his turtleneck collar, beginning to get heated.

"Sean!? What is your deal man!?" He shoved me.

"I swear to God I will tell her."

"Don't do that."

"I will." I yelled and Gabe grabbed me and shoved me against the warm cement. He threw his fist against my face and people began to rush around us, cheering. I threw a punch back, throwing him off me and Kaycee had pulled him back.

"He was-." Gabe had stopped himself from saying the wrong thing. "He threatened me." He yelled angrily, beginning to walk toward me, to finish me off. But, Kaycee had stopped him.

"Sean is this true?" She looked at me, disappointed.

I was so ashamed, I couldn't tell her why. Because I'd hurt her. I closed my eyes and looked away.

"You know better Sean." She yelled and she shut her eyes.

"I can explain okay! Just let me-."

"There's nothing to explain." She cut me off and Gabe had looked at me, slightly smirking. I ignored him though.

"I'm sorry, okay!?" I softly said to her.

She seemed to slow her pace, turning around toward me. Gabe had kept walking and she looked at me, disappointed.

"Save your sorry for another time Sean.." She had said, leaving me alone.

"No, no please Kaycee." I had said, sobbing. "Please don't do this. Don't leave me." I had yelled slamming my fists against the cement and getting up.

Gabe's car started driving away, and I gathered the strength to get up and run after them. I ran behind the car, but I wasn't anything to Kaycee anymore. So I stopped.

"God damn it." I screamed and held my head. I ran back to my car, my sobs getting to me, making me feel heavy.

When I got to my house, I could barely walk. I felt weak and numb. I opened the door to my house, my family looking over to me from the dining room. They were laughing, and then it was silent. I ran up the stairs to my room and locked my door shut.

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