Chapter 3

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Kaycee's POV
I woke up, looking at a white ceiling, realizing I was at Sean's. I turned and he was there, snoring away.

"Lew...Leeeeww....Sean!" I whispered and I continued to shake him. Sean groaned and his eyes fluttered. "Finally."

"What?" He covered his eyes with the back of his hand and huffed.

"My mom is gonna kill me!" I whispered-yelled at him, and I put the palm of my hand on my forehead.

"Calm down, my mom called your mom." He sat up, rubbing his side. "I think we both passed out yesterday and I guess my mom found us in here, so she called your mom or something, that's what she told me this morning."

"Oh." I shut my eyes and sighed of relief. Wait he said "this morning?"
"You were up this morning?"

"Ah, yeah I uhhhh...woke up before you and I fell right back asleep after my mom told me about you."

Thank god for your mom Sean.

"Yeah...breakfast?" He asked me and grinned.

"Yes please, Chop junior." I laughed softly, following him down the hall, and to his kitchen.

"Oh god, I hate you for that, you know that?"  He turned, holding a box of pancake mix. "Hm, maybe I'll make breakfast for myself, hm?"

"Nooooooo." I pouted and opened his cabinet, grabbing a plastic bowl to stir the ingredients.

"Well, alright. No more Chopped Junior jokes, you swear?" He held his hand up, I gave him a high five , and our hands intertwined.

Kaycee Rice, you like Gabe, not Sean. The words repeated in my head and I had let Sean's hand go. Sean nodded and spun on his heel.

"Fine, Mr. Lew." I rolled my eyes and grabbed a whisk from a drawer. Sean had poured the ingredients into the bowl and I stirred everything up.

"Since your birthday is coming up Kaycee, what are your plans?" He stood beside me, beginning to butter up a pan.

"Uh, I'm not really sure. My parents are sort of deciding that for me. A.K.A, we're probably going to the lake house. But speaking of the lake house and my birthday, maybe you'd wanna come?" I asked Sean and he grinned.

"Yeah, of course." He said as he poured the mixture into the pan. "Why would I miss your birthday?"

"That's true." I replied.

"Any idea what I'm getting you?"

"A cake? Like every other year?" I said, sitting on of his kitchen counter, watching him cook.

"That and something else." He turned the stove off, putting the pancake on a separate plate and handed it to me. I gasped walking back to a stool and sitting, Sean stood with his plate across from me, forking his syrupy pancakes.

"Sean Lew? Giving me something other than a birthday cake for the first time? Surprise, suprise."

"Hey I've given you cards."

"That's like every year, Sean."

"I didn't last year."

"Technically you did because you signed the group birthday card Tati gi-"

"Okay well that's different." He laughed and I smirked at my remark. He knew it was the truth.

He has a nice smi- Okay Kaycee cut it out with that.

"Hey, Kaycee." Gabe waved me over and I jogged across the room.

"Hey." I smiled and I hugged his waist. "Happy birthday by the way Gabe, I've got something to tell you."

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