Chapter 6

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A/N-I actually am obsessed with this manip I made. I just imagine it so much I can't :,)-Luminous

Sean's POV

I was hit, I was bruised, I was bleeding, but I was heartbroken. I didn't feel pain when the car hit me. But, pained by the past events before I got hit. And all I saw was black. But the voices had echoed around me.

"Heart rate is 75, normal." The doctor had said. " Family, friends with permission, are allowed to see until closed hours." The doctor had directed the Nurse. "Family after hours is allowed overnight, understood?"

"Yes, Doctor Levi." The nurses had agreed at different times, as they finished cleaning me up.

I was clothed in a gown, my body tucked under a blanket, except for my upper body. Wire and tubes hung on, or were attached to my chest and wrists.

I wasn't anything. I was almost a corpse. But, I was breathing. A tube stuck in my mouth kept me alive.

I had heard footsteps walking into my room, and the person had sat down, taking a hold of my hand.

"You have to wake up Sean, please." The stranger had whispered. She began to sob quietly and I had felt sorry, so I squeezed her hand. Then the girl had put her lips against my hand, and I felt her tears drop onto my skin.

I'm here.

"Please wake up Sean, I need you to be alive, okay? You can make that promise, right?" She whispered, and I realized who it was. "I am sorry that I didn't pay attention. I knew you weren't okay, but I thought you'd be okay later. But that- I- "She adjusted her seat up, and I didn't want to let go of her hand. "I thought you were strong. And I love you for that. But please Sean, I need you to wake up, okay?"She stood, pushed my hair back, and she had pressed her lips against my forehead and walked away.

A tear had rolled down my face, but I couldn't talk, I was too weak to say come back, Kaycee. But, she had ran away so fast, I couldn't.

My room was silent for a good two minutes, and my family had come and talk to me. And they spent an hour with me, just talking and laughing. Even if I was unconscious, I was glad they were here, but they wanted Julian and Chloe to come see me. I heard a door open and shut

"Oh my god.." Julian had said stifling his cry, his mouth covered by his hand. His words muffled. Julian's feet had come closer and he sat down. My eyes fluttered to see Chloe's arms wrapped around his neck from behind, as he was sitting. He didn't seem to notice that I did. "I would've saved you if I were just faster." He said, his words showing pain and frustration by what he couldn't do for me.

You couldn't do anything Julian, it's okay.

"I'll leave you two alone..." Chloe had whispered and kissed Julian's cheek. Chloe walked outside.

"Kaycee is really sorry, Sean." He whispered, taking a hold of my hand. "She's really sorry man, and you need to wake up to tell her that you love her, because I can't bare knowing you never had the chance to." He said squeezing my hand. I had squeezed his hand back, to show that I was thankful. "She loves you and you can't leave her, okay?" He whispered. "That girl loves the hell out of you, I can see it. She doesn't see it yet..But you know it, everyone does."

I gathered the strength to hear Kaycee's  name be heard and I nodded. My eyes had slowly opened and I was shocked to see Julian, who was crying of joy. He held my hand tightly.

I kept nodding my head, and the tears came streaming down my face.

'I'm here Julian, I'm here.' I had said in my head.

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