Chapter 11

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Kaycee's POV
I couldn't stop thinking about what happened last week with Sean. I didn't know how it made me feel. Sometimes it made me feel guilty, but something about us made me feel like it was right.

And today was the day we are supposed to perform Sean's dance in front of Will. It wasn't as nerve wrecking of the thought that World Of Dance fuels we're coming soon as well.

"Kaycee?" Someone has said behind me, his arms wrapping around me. It was Gabe.

"Hi, Gabe." I mumbled and I turned around, smiling faintly.

"What's wrong?" He tilted his head and chuckled.

"What's wrong?" I laughed at his response, he thought I was stupid. "You used Sean to get to me...." I whispered.

"What- Kaycee I don't get what your talking about?" His hands slowly began to hold my forearms.

"Three smiles?"

"Yeah what about the-"

"Don't lie to me Gabe, please I'm not stupid." I frowned and pulled my arms back to my sides.

"Okay, Fine... you caught me Kaycee." He closed his eyes, crossing his arms against his chest. "But I was so scared because before I asked you, I really liked Tati.... and I hurt her a lot when I asked you out, but I only asked you out because I liked you for a split second...."

"So you just threw Tati away... just like that?" I glared at him, and he nodded hesitantly. "I lost her because of you."

"I didn't mean to hurt you, Tati, or Sean."

"Yeah, you have a lot of explaining to do." I muttered, and walked away from him. As I walked away, I seemed to have a perfect view of Sean as I turned into the class. He was dancing by himself, running through every step that he taught me. I leaned against the wall, watching him. And as he turned, he stood frozen and smiled at me.

"Hey, you." He waved and walked over, picking his water up on the way.

"Hey." I smiled faintly at him. And he seemed to look at me concerned. Seems like there's a lot to explain to him.

"What's up?" He crossed his arms as he hovered over me. I never realized how tall he was, but that's only because I always stand on my toes for some reason whenever I'm around him. "You nervous?"

"No I....broke up with Gabe." I laughed nervously, scrunching my nose. "He thought I was stupid. But, it's good to know that he feels bad."

"He should." He muttered and laughed softly. I shook my head walking over to him.

"Lew! There you are!" Julian rolled his eyes, running up to the both of us and grabbing us.

"Why are we running?" I had asked breathlessly, Julian was fast.

"Will told me to come get the both of you because it's your turns to dance. He held you off for last."

"But we didn't get to practice-."

"Yeah, nobody got to." He glared and he pushed us in. The whispering had stopped as Sean and I got into the class. They all looked at us, but Will was grinning.

"So what's your purpose, Sean Lew?"

He looked at me and I laughed nervously. We didn't go over this very often. We had two weeks.

"Well...uh." His voice began to shake, and he seemed to look at Will, who was still smiling and Janelle was doing the same. "My purpose was to see something that I didn't see before. Something that was there in front of me. So obvious and so clear. And you don't see it to begin with, and then something happens and it's there."

"Kaycee, what about you?" Janelle had asked me and my heart was beating fast. I was too scared to say anything. But, I had just let go.

"I was held by a boundary. A boundary of a promise that I couldn't keep with someone, but the promise held me back from something that was much greater than a friendship. And Sean, he was there all this time and I didn't see it because I was so caught up in my own life. I didn't see he was the source of my safety." I had responded, everyone shocked by what I had said. I had confessed my feelings. And Sean was looking at me too, surprised.

"Well, good luck on your dance. Thank you for seeing what boundary was holding you back."

The music had started, and Sean had covered my eyes. As we danced, we moved together, every step and count was on time. Everyone was silent as we told our story.

At the very end, everybody cheered, but Sean had to let me go, but he didn't. He just hugged my waist tightly and lifted me up in the air. I laughed.

He had finally dropped me and Will had come up to us, with Janelle following behind him. They had jumped on the both of us, hugging us both tightly.

I looked over at Sean who beamed at me and I couldn't help but smile back.

"What the hell Rice?"Janelle laughed and embraced me tightly. "That was beautiful." She held my face and I thanked her.

I looked over to where Sean originally was, and he was gone.

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