Chapter 14

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Sean's P.O.V
Everything happened about a few days ago. I went to my mailbox and I found an invitation to Kaycee's wedding. How could I go after what I said. I can't blame her. I lied. I lied to my best friend.

God knows...what else could I lie about. I didn't just lie about that, I lied about how I felt when she asked me if I still liked her. And if I go to the wedding, I can't help but be upset about Gabe....god damn it! Just go to the wedding Sean. Just go to it, have fun, and then be miserable later.

I said that a month ago. It was the day of the wedding, so I put my best suit on. My mom said I had gotten a little too big, as in I've grown a bit of muscle. Not to brag. I also grew in height. I was 6'1 when I checked up with my doctor.
For the wedding I wore a black suit. I had worn my  black loafers, a dark grey tie, and suspenders that matched my tie. My mom had bought this all for me, and I had made a goal to pay her back.

"How do I look mom?" I asked my her as I walked down the stairs. She grinned from ear to ear.

"You look fine, Sean." She walked up and stood in front of me, fixing the small things she thought needed a little of her magic. "Don't get so attached, Sean."

"What do you mean?" I asked, beginning to blush. She can't know, can she?

"You know, Kaycee. She's happy with Gabe. If she likes you, time will tell." She patted my shoulders.

"Wow, thank you for your wise words, mom. It makes me feel so much better." I replied monotonously, and she had giggled.

"I'm serious, hun. You've been beating yourself up over your argument with her. Don't let your past affect your relationship with her." She shook me, and I looked at her with a smile. I hugged her tightly and she fixed my hair afterwards. "Now, go. Have fun." She added and pushed me out the door. "Your father and I are going on a date." She winked and shut the door, leaving me on the porch.

I laughed and went to my car, unlocking it and starting it up. I drove out of the driveway and went straight to the beach. The wedding was going to be held at the same one Janelle and Will had gone to for their wedding.

As I pulled up, I turned my car off. I thought in the silence.

Be happy for her. Not selfish. Not jealous. Happy.

I nodded to myself and got out of the car, walking into the crowd of people. People greeted me left and right and I waved. I found Julian and Chloe, talking.

"Julian?" I asked, crossing my fingers that it was him.

"Sean! Hey man!" Chloe and Julian had said at he same time. They both laughed.

"Hey, I haven't seen you in...five years." I smiled, yelling over the loud crowd.

"Yeah, we just flew in from NYC a few hours ago, we're sort of jet lag." Chloe had answered, hugging Julian's side while he agreed.

"NYC? For what?" I asked, putting my hands into the pockets of my pants.

"We were teaching a class there." Julian responded.

"Oh, dance. I wish I was still able to." I groaned and Julian judged me.

"Hey, I heard about your coma." Julian acknowledged me, concerned. "I'm really glad that you're alive Sean, seriously."

"Thanks, Jules....have you seen Kaycee?" I asked, remembering where I was going.

"She should be in the brides quarters. You can check there." Chloe responded.

"Thank you, guys. I'll sit with you both later." I had told them, embracing them both and saying goodbye.

As I walked down the large hallway, I found my way to the quarters. I heard Kaycee's laugh, she was talking to one of her bridesmaids. It was Tahani.

I walked up to them, Kaycee's smile slowly fading. Her smile was now turned to worry and guilt.

I had felt the same way.

As I took a uneasy breath, Tahani left us alone, and I looked around.

"I-." We both said at the same time and we laughed.

"Sorry, you go first." I said, shaking my thoughts out of my head.

"I'm really sorry about know...our argument. I should've told you about me and Gabe. I just thought it was best."

"No, it's fine Kaycee. I was too caught up with myself. I'm here because I wanted to say sorry. Don't be so down about me. I should be more happier for you and Gabe." I reassured her that she shouldn't be sorry.



Kaycee had walked up to me, wrapping her arms around my waist and hugged me closer to her. I held her head in my arms. As she stepped back, she nodded to herself and I laughed.

"Nervous much?" I asked her and she held onto my hands and nodded. "Don't worry, you look amazing and he's lucky to have you Kaycee."

"Yeah-Yeah I'm just scared that I'll cry too much, you know?" She released my hands and sat on a white bench by her mirror.

"It's alright to cry. As long as they are happy tears, Kaycee." I pointed out and she laughed and leaned her head on my shoulder. She hugged my arm as I laid my head upon hers.

"I'm really glad you came Sean. I didn't want you to miss it. You're my best friend." She whispered and closed her eyes.

"I amKaycee

I missed you too, Kaycee De Guzman." I smiled, almost glad to have her spirit back. A month without her was a dread.

I didn't think it was right to tell her that I loved her then, and that time could only tell where our lives were going. But a few years later, our lives changed.

End of book one guys :) This is the beginning of the second book which will be out once I get a few chapters in for you. I can't wait for you guys to see it. But, for now I will be editing this book HEAVILY. So, don't expect the second book to be out tomorrow.

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