Chapter 10

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Sean's P.O.V

Kaycee was coming over today to learn the partner dance I had been working on myself. I was the happiest I could be, and I could be with her, of course.
I heard a knock on my door and I jogged to my door and opened it. I had opened it to a beautiful girl, smiling brightly and giggling at me.

"Hi." She pulled her hair behind her ear slowly.

"Hey." I smiled and opened the door. She stepped in and sighed of relief.

"You know, I feel less stressed about everything when I'm around here."

"That's kinda funny." I laughed softly as I followed behind her to my garage.

"Why?" She turned and walked backwards.

"Because I get stressed when I'm around you." I replied and she shoved me gently, rolling her eyes at my joke.

"Very funny, Lew." She sat down on the wooden floor and I looked down at her. "What do you think Will is going to do for the convention this year?"

"I don't know, Rice...I hope I can choreograph for a class though." I said as I sat beside her. She looked at me and hugged my arm.

"I think you can, if you try hard." She whispered and stood up. "But in order to do that of course, you'll have to teach me you're new choreo?"

"Fine." I held my hands up and stood up.

And for the day we had spent working on my partner choreography. And I decided to add more counts to it because Kaycee loved it, and I wanted her to feel comfortable in our partner dance.

As we progressed, I realized how comfortable I felt dancing with Kaycee. And I never realized how amazing she was at putting her emotions through her movement, it was almost like I could feel it.

We decided to take a break, and I cooked her Baked Pasta.

"Is this a date or something, Sean?" Kaycee wriggled her eyebrows and I chuckled to myself.

"If you want it to." I turned and smirked at her. She was blushing, her face pink.

"Well played." She mumbled and I handed her plate of pasta.

"How is it?" I looked down at the plate, then up to Kaycee.

"It's a solid five." She replied, covering her mouth as she chewed.

"Better than a zero." I mumbled and she smiled softly at me.

3 hours later

"Sean are we done yet?" Kaycee asked as she sprawled across my floor her arm and legs spread apart.

"Don't know...are we?"

"Sean." She groaned and sat up. "Your dance is the most I've danced in a whole class.

"Kaycee, we have two weeks lefts."

"I know! It's just a lot to remember."

"That's why we're going through it again Kaycee." I held my hands out for her and she took my hands, but pulled me down on top of her. We both laughed and I had looked at her. And she seemed to look at me the same way. 

"We should probably- Ah...we should probably start working on our dance again..." I mumbled and her mouth gaped open, her face flushed.

"That requires you to....maybe get off of me." She patted my cheeks and I agreed and got up quickly.

Kaycee was in love with me, but I didn't know how to tell her.

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