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~Cha eun pov~

Our graduation will be next week and my marriage with be after the week of graduation.I'm so happy the end of school will come but I'm also stress about the marriage.....


I walk in the coffee shop to buy some drinks ,after I ordered I sat down and played my phone when someone touched my head when I face it was Gyu And JB oppa

"Kiddo ! We miss you!" They yelled

"I miss you people too"I said and let them sit

"come and visit us!" JB oppa said And I nodded


"Unnie let's go to my parent's restaurant?" I ask

"Sure ! Kaja!" She said

We arrived And walk in to find a table and order

"What do you want ?" She ask rudely

"Excuse me ? Is this how you take your orders?" I ask her and Lisa unnie look at her weirdly

" I said what do you want ?!"she said losing her temper

"Call your manger!" I said and she look at me

"I said call your manager! Are you deaf young lady? " I ask her

"I'm sorry miss Cha eun ,what's happening ?" The manager ask

"Didn't my parent told you to get nicer and not rude workers ?" I ask him

"I'm so sorry for her behavior miss she's new "he apologized

"Do you know who I am ?" I ask her and she shook her head

"You don't know ? Here! My parent own this shop and I'm their daughter! You know who I am now?" I ask, then she bowed "sorry" she said

" if you still want to work here don't be rude to anyone when you take the order! Get it?" I ask And she nod

"Bruh ! You just blew her mind "Lisa unnie laugh

"I know , who ask  her to act rude?" I said

"Chill" she laugh

"C'mon let's go it's almost time " I said and we walk back to the school

We arrived and Jungkook rush To me

"Where did you go?" He ask

" I went out and eat with Lisa unnie " I said looking at him he was sweating

" why are you sweating? " I said and wipe his sweat

"Alright Eomma told is to look for our marriage dress tonight " he said and I nodded

" so we're canceling the plan of meeting my hyungs and your unnie let's move it after our marriage okay?" He ask and I nodded again

"So after class come out we're going to shop mkay?" He asked

"Sure" I said


We arrived at the dress shop and went in
" Your here? Let's go ,Jungkook go with your appa in law and your  appa And  Cha eun  come with us " Eomma  said


I pick up a dress which is worth 1million dollar buy it's dem gorgeous, well eomma said pick a dress you think look good on you, and I think this look good on Me...


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