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~Cha Eun pov~

We arrived home safely

" thanks for the ride !" I said
"Your welcome " he smiled and peck my forehead
" ya , who allowed you too kiss me " I glared at him
"Me ! I allowed my self" he smirk
"And why?" I smirk back
"Because I'm your husband " he smirk
I felt myself blushing
"You two stop it !" Lisa unnie said
" okay I guess you should go now , it's late " I said and he smiled
"Bye" he said

I walk in and JB And Gyu oppa were on their phone
"Miss your back?!" My maid ask and I nodded
"Oh hai Lisa" Gyu and JB oppa said
Am I invisible? Can't you see Me? Aish these people

"Cmon unnie let's go to my sleepover room" I drag unnie out
She kept her stuff and sat on the bed

"So you came because you miss me or you did come because you wanted to see JB face" I ask
"Both" She said
"Alright , go take a shower " I said and she nodded

-2hours later-

"So tell me ,how's life being Jungkook's girlfriend?" She smirk
"Unnie did you ran out of questions?" I ask her and she shook her head
"Uh firstly I'm not his girlfriend or anything And life suck!" I said and she laughed
"I don't find it funny" I glared at her
"Ya ,Jungkook is right ,your so scary when you glare at people man" she hissed and get out if bed . Aish
She return back with her phone,she layed  down and scroll through social media ,then I got a text from Jungkook

Jungkook~ ya! I want to introduce you to my 6 hyungs I'll fetch you after school Alright?
Me~ wae?
Jungkook~quit asking ,I want you to come Alright ?
Me~Aish fine .;)

" it seem like your getting closer to each other" Lisa said smirking
" you were looking at my phone the whole time ?" I glared at her
" you can say that!" She said
"Aish go away" I push her away and she felt on her butt
"I'm not sorry Chingu" I said laughing and she glared at me

~Morning ~
After we took our shower we went down and have our breakfast.

"Good morning Mr and Mrs Cha"Lisa unnie greeted

"Lisa! Auntie and uncle miss you ,come and visit us often okay?" Eomma said and she nodded
"And Cha Eun tomorrow Jungkook will fetch you , we will discuss about the ceremony Alright?" Appa ask And I nodded
"I can't wait to teased my brother in law " Gyu said and high 5 JB oppa
I glared at them deeply they stay quiet

after finishing our breakfast we went off to school





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