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~Cha Eun pov~

Yesterday was fun hanging out with Jungkook hyung ,they are so nice like literally. Today we will discuss where we held the ceremony.

"Oppas? Unnie ?Wake up!" I said

"Ya -eun oppa want to sleep"Jaebum (JB) oppa said

"Get up before I kick each of your butts" I yelled then 3 of them got up

"This is the only way to wake all of you up" I hissed

"Unnie need beauty sleep " rosè unnie said

"Unnie ! Today is your test! And Oppas you have PE" I said

"Your remember my schedule when I don't even remember myself" Gyu oppa joked


"Kids So after school you want to go home or come with us ?" Appa ask

"I'll come "Unnie said

"We will stay home" Gyu and JB oppa said  looking at each other

"Okay , maids? Please unplug all of my kids video games"Eomma said and the 3 maids nodded

"Eomma?" They yelled

"When is your test?" Appa ask

"Tomorrow!"they said

"Then study" appa said and they sadly nod


After eating breakfast we approach school, I walk in and met Lisa unnie

"Ya Chanie where did you go yesterday?" She ask

"I went out with Jungkook. Not a date btw " I said

"Ooff without me?" She ask

"Sorry ! Next time " I said

"I was joking , I ain't going to third wheel you people " she laughed

"Hahahahahaha so funny right?" I ask sarcastically and she nodded


I sat down waiting for the teacher to come . I got a text from Jungkook

Jungkook- eun be there at the gate at 4 ok?
Me- Alright

I hope school end like now I felt like I was stuck in the dungeon or something,I quickly got out of class I put my book in my locker and headed to the gate .
He was already there waiting
I open the door

"Sorry to keep you waiting " I said apologizing

"Nah ,I was here just now too" he said


We arrived at a  restaurant I walk in and went to our  parent table
"Your here?" Mrs jeon ask

"Annyeonghaseyo Eomma,appa,Mr Jeon,Mrs jeon" I greeted

"Call me eomma and him appa"Mrs Jeon said I Mean  Eomma, I nodded

" so your wedding will be next Month" Eomma said

"What?"we said

" so fast?" I ask and they nodded

"Alright then " I said

"Starting from today , you'll stay in the same roof as Jungkook , we brought you a house" appa said

"Huh?"I asked

"I told the maids to prepared your stuff include rosè unnie too" Eomma said

Won't they think we might do something if we lived together .alone.?


We arrived at our house or I could say mansion!?
Why do with need a very big house I mean mansion if we're only  2 ?
There's like 8 security around the house ?!
Jungkook went into his room and I went into mine , good thing we have separate room or else I would have stayed there getting annoyed by the one And only jeon Jungkook .
I took a shower before going to bed when someone knocked on my door !

" Wae?"I opened the door

"Can I come in? I'm scared of ghost!"he said looking around the room

"How old are you?" I ask him

"21" he said

"Pity you, Aish come in "I said
He rush to my bed and layed down .




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